What on Earth is Earthing?

Have you ever felt more grounded, relaxed, or even energized after walking in the grass barefoot? Even taking strolls on the beach and allowing your toes to sink into the sand can do the trick.  If you haven’t noticed these effects, it’s time for you to get outside and give it a try! Here is why…

Whether you’re aware of it or not, this practice is called Earthing.  Some people call it “grounding”.  Basically, it’s putting your body in direct contact with the Earth. You allow your skin to touch the Earth’s soil, water, rock, etc. without any protective barriers such as shoes or clothes. 

Enhance your health with Earthing

Some scientists believe that the calming, rebalancing effects of Earthing are due to the negative charged electrons of the Earth neutralizing common positive charges found in the human body.  They believe that too much positive charge can lead to health problems.  This disconnect to the Earth may contribute to physiological dysfunction and unwellness.

How Earthing Can Support Your Health

People report feeling healed, happier, more relaxed, and generally “better” after spending time in nature, so could there be something to this Earthing?

Evidence suggests that the Earth has tremendous abilities to stabilize our body system’s functioning. Its electrons can help bioelectrical, bioenergetic, and biochemical processes. This, in turn, may offer a modulating effect on chronic illnesses, pain, and sleep disturbances.

Benefits of Earthing

If you’re looking for ways to decrease pain, reduce inflammation, increase antioxidants, and manage stress effectively, Earthing might be for you!  

Earthing is nothing new, but it seems to be long forgotten in modern society.  Humans are more disconnected to nature.  Nowadays, people are consumed with screens, indoor work and activity, and covering their bodies with clothes and other barriers making their contact with the Earth very limited.  

We don’t walk around barefoot, sleep outside on the Earth, use bedding that allows energy to pass into our body, or use animal hides for footwear as we did decades and centuries ago.  

Getting Back to Basics

So instead of absorbing nature’s “electric nutrition”, we are distancing ourselves further and further from it by living higher off of the ground, choosing rubber soled shoes with extra padding, and surrounding ourselves with screens left and right.

So what can you do to start Earthing?

1.  Realize that you are a part of Nature.  We are all connected. Mother Earth is your ultimate source of energy and it’s FREE!

2. Try sitting, walking, or standing with your bare feet on the ground outside.  If you have any sort of pain, fatigue, high stress, PMS, indigestion, or back pain – note your level of discomfort before and after grounding for about 30 minutes.

3.  Aim to ground yourself for at least 30 minutes a day, if possible.  

4. If you’re not able to get outside, there are things you can do indoors:  try sleeping on grounding sheets or relax and recharge on a biomat, place Himalayan salt lamps around your space, or use natural crystals to enhance your wellness. Not sure what crystals to use? Check out my beginner’s guide to crystals post.

The way I see it, you have absolutely nothing to lose by getting outside and connecting to your source, Mother Earth. You have so much to gain!

I know for me, Earthing brings a lot of happiness and comfort. I have also been encouraging my son to play outside in his bare feet and to get his hands dirty gardening because I do believe there are many, many benefits in doing so.


So I write this as a reminder to take time to get outside and connect with the ground beneath you. Take your shoes off. Run your hands through the water or the soil. Hug a tree. Lie on the grass and gaze at the sky above you. Notice how your body feels while you’re grounding and then make it a healthy practice! I’ll be right there with ya! Happy Earthing, everyone!

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