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What is Bentonite Clay and How Can It Benefit You?

One thing is for certain, my journey towards reclaiming optimal health has been an interesting adventure. My eyes have been opened to holistic health and healing products and modalities I never knew existed over the past two years. The latest product I have been taking, at the recommendation of my integrative medical doctor, is bentonite clay.

My doctor is currently suspicious that I might have mycotoxin illness (mold illness) from years of living in a pretty old, musty apartment building. She said many of my health symptoms align with this diagnosis so she is trying me on a protocol targeting mycotoxins to see if I experience any improvement.

As always, I’m up for trying anything!

So you might be wondering, “What is bentonite clay? Is it actually clay?”

Well, the kind I take is in liquid form and I simply stir a tablespoon of the white, thick liquid into 8oz of water. The first time I dropped it into my water I was seriously questioning whether I was going to like it. Would it taste disgusting? Was I about to gag? My water was a milky, murky mess, but to my surprise, it didn’t have a taste. It simply tasted like water!

bentonite clay detox

There are other forms of bentonite clay that perhaps you’ve seen before. You can find it in facial masks, toothpaste, body scrubs, deodorants, and hair masks.

So what exactly is it?

What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite clay is aged volcanic ash. It is whitish-gray in color and practically odorless. The high concentration of minerals found in this ash help it to bind to and remove toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and impurities in our bodies. If you’re ever shopping around for detox or cleansing products, you might notice bentonite clay listed as the most abundant ingredient or close to the top of the list. It’s a great binding agent.

When the clay comes in contact with a toxin in your body, it will absorb the toxin and release its minerals for the body to use. It can also increase oxygen to cells potentially resulting in better, useable energy. Bentonite is not digested nor is it absorbed into the bloodstream allowing it to safely carry toxins out of your body through bowel movements.

Cultures have used bentonite for centuries to protect the body from disease. The clay is easily accessible and doesn’t require modern processing, so it’s easy to understand why it has been a sought out method for cleansing the body.

How Can Bentonite Clay Be Useful?

Many people use bentonite clay for a variety of reasons, but almost always as a way to cleanse and repair the body. It can be used for the following:

How I’m Using Bentonite Clay

Everyday, I take one tablespoon of Yerba Prima Great Plains bentonite clay mixed in a full glass of water at a time that is at least 2 hours away from taking any other supplements. With my current robust supplement regimen, this is a bit tricky to schedule but I do the best I can.

When using bentonite clay, you’ll want to use a brand that contains very little lead. Some brands have higher levels of lead which can be dangerous to our health, so do your due diligence in researching your bentonite clay choice.

Of course, discontinue using bentonite clay if you notice any troublesome side effects such as digestive issues or rashes. So far, I have not had any noticeable adverse reactions to the kind I take, so here’s to continuing this journey!

The hope is that the clay will bind to toxins in my body and carry them safely and effectively out of my body reducing my symptom severity and toxin load. Eventually, the hope is every symptom I have will go away entirely (I pray for this every single day!).

For more on my health journey and what I’m exploring, stay tuned for future posts.

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