Tonight’s Harvest Moon

Hey Everyone!  Have you been feeling extra emotional, irritable, or moody the past few days?  If so, have you considered that the full moon taking place tonight might have something to do with it?

Tonight’s full moon is known as the Harvest Moon (in case ya didn’t know!). For a long time, people have questioned whether moon cycles have an effect on human behavior and I’m inclined to say YES!

Even doctors tend to notice an increase in emergency room visits during a full moon.  Law enforcement tends to notice more erratic, “insane” behavior.  I think there’s something to it, don’t you?

Full Moon Effects

Generally speaking full moons tend to increase psychic and emotional sensitivity in both humans and animals.So in the days leading up to a full moon, some of these heightened energies can be overwhelming for us.

Without the awareness of what might be behind these changes in our behavior, we might feel angrier, edgier, or even have a short fuse when dealing with things that might not seem to set us off at other times leaving us feeling confused or frustrated with ourselves?  Why are we feeling so out of whack?

Well, that’s where this blog comes in – to heighten your awareness! Let’s dive into a few things that might help you tonight and for future full moons!

5 Full Moon Rituals

To help you harness the incredible power that a full moon can have in our lives, I want you to consider embracing these Full Moon rituals:

  1. Clear Your Energy:  Use sage (whether in a bundle or a spray) to “smudge” your environment.  You can purchase sage bundles or non-smoke spray at your local spiritual/new age store or online.  Smudging is a powerful energy clearing ritual said to release negative and toxic energies.  Full moons are a great time to release these unwanted energies that might be within you and surrounding you.  As you smudge, you can say, “I release all that no longer serves me for my highest good.”  As you’re smudging, be sure to have your doors and windows open in your home to let negative energy out and fresh energy in. Walk around and cleanse every room.  If you use crystals like I do, smudge them too!
  2. Charge Your Spiritual Tools:  Full moons give heightened energy, so this is a great time to charge up your spiritual tools (crystals, essential oils, meditation space objects, etc.).  Clear with sage first if you’re able to, then set them out to absorb the light of the moon for the night.  This “charges” them.  Early in the morning, reclaim your objects and set an intention with each of them.
  3. Moon Light Baths:  Okay, so this might not be for everyone but if you’re feeling inspired and extra daring, go outside in the moonlight au natural or with minimal clothing and soak in the moonlight. Some people go on moonlit hikes (they’re really awesome if you’ve never done one before). If you don’t feel comfortable going outdoors but have a window in your house that allows the light to come through, you can do it there too! The light will heal and replenish your body.
  4. Journal:  Because the full moon has a way of bringing unconscious thoughts and feelings to the surface, it’s best to find a place to release these pent up energies in a safe, effective way.  My suggestion is journaling.  Your journal entry’s focus could be about bringing light to places of darkness within yourself.  What feelings have you been ignoring or suppressing lately?  Get them outside of yourself.   Once you release your feelings onto paper you can choose to rip it up or burn it.  As you get rid of them, ask your higher power, spiritual guides, or Mother Earth (whomever you choose) to fill you with light and release the darkness.
  5. Set Your Intentions: I recommend writing your intentions down and posting them in a visible place that you see each and every day.  Some people set reminders to pop up on their phones, others write a list and post it on their refrigerator (me!), and some people write sticky-notes and keep them in their pockets every day.  Choose what seems best for you.  Since the full moon’s energy is powerful and intense, this is a great time to put your hopes and desires into ACTION. Purge the old and welcome the new.   What do you wish to let go of?  What do you desire to bring into your life?  Don’t wait, set those intentions NOW!

So are you ready to welcome new things into your life?  I know I am!  First and foremost, I welcome continued healing into my life.  I can already feel things shifting in me since I started my healing journey, which is so exciting.

If you have any questions about any of the rituals listed above, please send a comment or email my way and I’m more than happy to help you!  Let’s go through this next moon cycle feeling refreshed, energized, and user-positive about life!

And if you like what you’re reading on this blog, be sure to subscribe so you get updates on new posts!  Happy cleansing, friends!

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