Tips to Making the Perfect Green Smoothie

Hey Everyone!  My family knows that I am regularly making green smoothies for breakfast, snack, and sometimes dinner.  Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, a green smoothie is always a delightful meal!

For you green smoothie-makin’ newbies out there, the key is to make the smoothie just right (not too watery and not too chunky).  So why would anyone want to make a smoothie their meal?  Ummmmm, because it’s delicious.  OH, and it’s nutritious.

Green smoothies are slightly different from green juices, which I love too, in that they maintain more fiber from the fruits and veggies you blend up.  Smoothies can easily sustain you from one meal to the next if you make them correctly.

So here are some tips to making the meanest green smoothie:

  1. Important ingredients to have in stock: power blend greens (kale/romaine/spinach/etc)+banana (before they get too spotted)+berries+fruits+nut milk+nut butters+ice+cinnamon+a good protein powder (I like Sunwarrior blends)+superfoods.  Then, if you prefer a topping on your smoothie, you can grab organic granola, coconut shreds, or hemp seeds.
  2. Portions & Ratios:  I’d go for a serving of fruit and a serving of greens, 4-6 oz. of nut milk, and another 2 oz. of filtered water and ice.  If you want your smoothie to be more green, just add a small handful of greens in addition.  If you want a more fruity flavor, consider adding a 1/2 cup of fruit in addition.  Having a healthy fat like the nut butter/nut milk will help keep you feeling fuller longer.
  3. Combos to Consider:  I recommend mixing up your smoothies so that you’re drinking the same combination of ingredients every day.  Tap into your intuition and listen to what you’re in the mood for.  One of my favs is:  1/2 frozen banana, large handful of power blend greens, 1/2 tablespoon nut butter, handful of blueberries, 1 teaspoon of flaxseed or chia, scoop of vegan chocolate protein powder.  And if I’m feeling really adventurous, I’ll add a drip of mint extract in!
  4. Change it Up:  While I do tend to have the same smoothies more or less on a daily basis, I do try to change it up from time to time to give my body (and my tastebuds) a new experience!  I recommend buying organic fruits that are in season and creating different combos.  Some will work great, others may not.  Half the fun is in the experiment!  Recently I tried using coconut milk instead of almond milk and it gave the smoothie a nice, rich and round flavor!  If you want to add some electrolytes to your smoothie, grab some pure coconut water to add in there!
  5. Ramp up the superfoods: You heard me mention chia seed and flaxseed.  Those are only two of the many superfoods you can add to your smoothie.  Consider grabbing some goji berries, a greenfood source like spirulina or chlorella, or maca powder! For you chocolate lovers out there, maybe you’ll want to try raw cacao powder!superfoods
  6. Keep it simple: While I know it’s tempting to throw all these delicious ingredients into one smoothie, I’d advise against it.  Usually, that’s a recipe for disaster and ends up disappointing you in the deliciousness realm.  Keep it simple and refer back to the ratios I suggested.
  7. Go nuts: While nuts are given a bad rap for being calorically dense, they have a great place in smoothies!  You don’t need to go crazy adding nuts to your smoothie, but aim for about a tablespoon of your favorite nut butter.  Can’t have nuts? No problem!  Consider adding 1/2 an avocado in its place.  Nuts add a nice creamy texture to any smoothie and they also give you a healthy fat and protein for your day.
  8. Drink it or eat it: The fun part about smoothies is that you can drink it from a cup or eat it from a bowl.  Ever heard of a smoothie bowl?  If you’re adding toppings such as granola, it might be easier to pour your smoothie into a bowl and then top it off with your favorite ingredient.  Next, grab a spoon and get in there!smoothie bowls for beginners
  9. Blend thoroughly: I recently was gifted a Vitamix which is ahhhhh-mazing, but that’s not in everyone’s budget.  It wasn’t in mine, hence why it was a game-changing gift!  A standard blender or the Nutri-Bullet work just find when making smoothies.  The key is to blend all of the ingredients thoroughly.  Don’t rush this process.  Play around with your smoothie’s consistency until you get it to your desired liking (add liquid, ice, fruit, etc).  Soon you’ll know exactly what you like and how you like it!
  10. Don’t judge the color: Some of my smoothies didn’t exactly look like the way I pictured them.  Especially once I added the protein powder, my beautiful green smoothie became a mucky brownish color.  Don’t let that fool you – the deliciousness was all still there!

And there you have it my friends – a simple guide to making the meanest (yet friendliest) green smoothie! Now here is to your Happy Blending!

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