2020 Wellness Gift Guide

The Sensitive Soul’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

My 2020 holiday gift guide focused on health and wellness is here! 2020 has been quite the year, wouldn’t you say? Many of us have experienced ups and downs as the pandemic really threw us for an unexpected loop. There have been losses, setbacks, and disappointments for sure. But, I feel like the worldwide pandemic really reminded many of us to be adaptable to change and grateful for the lives we’re blessed with. There is no day like today to take care of yourself and those you love.

I hope this holiday season, while it may look and feel a little different than previous years, will still bring you cheer and happiness. Above all else, I hope it brings you and your loved ones good health!

If you’re looking to include some wellness inspired items in your gift giving this year (or even on your own wish list), look no further. Check out some of my favorite picks for this year!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide
Give the Gift of Wellness. Namaste!

Extra, Extra Read All About It!

Chris Beat Cancer & Beat Cancer Daily

These two books definitely make the list this year! Chris Wark, a cancer survivor and patient advocate, talks about his journey with treating his colon cancer holistically and ultimately, becoming cancer-free. You can read more about Chris Beat Cancer in my previous post here, but he recently came out with his second book, Beat Cancer Daily. That’s right, 365 days of inspiration, motivation, and beautiful tips to help you live your healthiest life.

Whether you’re someone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle geared towards prevention or you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and want to find a way to heal, these books are a must!

Health & Beauty

OSea Vagus Nerve Oil

I was gifted this oil earlier this year and have grown to love it. At first, the scent (we all know how sensitive to smells I am!) was overwhelming to me, but the more I used it, the less I seemed to notice that. Instead, I noticed the calming effect it had when I experienced headaches.

As a headache would come on, I’d grab this oil and rub it along my vagus nerve points. This oil activates the body’s relaxation response and regulates stress.

The vagus nerve, in case you were wondering, is a cranial nerve that provides direct communication from the gut to the brain. Having healthy vagus nerve function allows you to digest smoother, reduce inflammation, sleep better, and reduce your fight or flight stress response. This oil has been wonderful!

2020 Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

Mineral Fusion Lip Tint

Since I started my search for non-toxic make up products, Mineral Fusion lip tint has been a mainstay in my purse. It’s vegan, gluten free, hypoallergenic, and free from all the harmful ‘nasties’ that so many products have nowadays. This lip tint goes on smoothly and stays put. Check it out and find a color that suits you!

Around the House

The Big Berkey Water Filter

I’ve been using a Berkey Water Filter for over two years now and I could not imagine my house without it. Not only do I stress less over the possible contaminants in my water because I trust that the Berkey is doing its job, I find my Berkey water to taste so much better (cleaner, perhaps) than other sources.

I seriously cannot recommend this product enough if you want to drink clean water free of pathogens, pesticides, medications, chemicals, etc. It’s worth the cost and then some! Some people also purchase the table stand for the Berkey so it can sit high enough on your counter to place a glass underneath easily. Check it out!

SoWell Himalayan Salt Lamp

Yep, this one makes my list again because I simply love them! These handmade, fair trade salt lamps create a calming ambiance around your home while purifying the air and reducing allergens with these great lamps.

Electric Glass Kettle

I use my glass kettle every.single.day. These kettles boil water so quickly. No more standing around staring at your teapot waiting for the water to get hot. It also automatically shuts off once the water has come to a rapid boil. Voila! Now pour yourself that soothing cup of tea and get sipping!

Mental Health

Verilux Happy Light

Winter months can be rough with the decreased exposure to sunlight. Our mental health and general sense of wellbeing can take a hit as a result of less time outside soaking in the sun’s valuable Vitamin D and natural light. Often times, we’re left feeling sluggish, depressed, sad, and all together “blah”.

Using a bright light box like the Verilux Happy Light can increase your mood, focus, energy, and even improve sleep. It’s a really effective tool to have on hand.

You can use this portable light wherever you need it. Place it in your office during your workday. By the shower in the morning to get your day started with more light. Or, take it with you when you travel. It has three brightness levels you can customize. Also, it’s UV-Free and provides natural light. Check it out and beat those winter blues!

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer

If you’re looking to give the gift of mental wellness, look no further than books by Wayne Dyer. This one, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life is a great choice for someone who is looking to start making positive changes in his or her life. Wayne uses the teachings of the Tao to bring you to a place of acceptance and gratitude for all that happens in your life. It’s a great read!

Get Your Exercise On!

Hypervolt Massager

Give your muscles and deep tissues a massage with the Hypervolt by Hyperice. This massager helps relax and soothe stiff muscles restoring your mobility. With three speed settings, you can use this massager on any muscle group in your body

Massage Away Any Soreness!

Yoga Blocks & Strap Set

My go-to company for all things yoga is Gaiam. Since I started my yoga practice, I have turned to Gaiam for videos, yoga equipment, and apparel. This yoga block set with stretching strap is a perfect gift for a beginner! Yoga blocks and a strap gently aide any and all stretches in a yoga practice.

Get Your Yoga On!

Time to Get Shopping!

So there you have it! The Sensitive Soul’s ideas for this year’s wellness gifts. I hope you’re inspired to give the gift of health and wellness to those you love this year. And if you’re ready to focus on yourself a bit more in the coming year, be sure to put some of these items on your own wish list! No one deserves to feel their best more than YOU. xoxo

Happy Holidays, friends!

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