Moving Tips for Highly Sensitive People

The Art of Moving While Being a Highly Sensitive Person

As many of you know from my email newsletter (you can subscribe here), I have had some pretty big news lately! The home that I worked on manifesting through my monthly intention setting practice became a reality.

Moving Tips for HSPs

I have to admit, while I was regularly manifesting a new home for me and my family, my efforts seemed shaded by my uncertainty of whether a house would actually come to fruition. I became obsessive about checking for new listings in the few areas my husband and I agreed on as possibilities for our family.

Day after day, I was seeing properties I liked, but not price tags that I found appealing. I quickly became discouraged seeing how costly homes were for the little square footage and property that came with the hefty price. Not only that, even for the homes that were within my price range, they were selling like hotcakes! If you didn’t jump on a listing, it was snatched up and sold by the next day it seemed!

Setting the Stage

Our priority was to find a home in a decent public school system within commutable distance for my husband to have a healthy work-home life balance. We also wanted a home that, for the most part, was move-in ready with very few heavy-hitting renovations needed. If we were lucky, the home would also have a beautiful yard for our little boy to grow up playing in.

Well, I saw a listing that was a pretty good fit for the qualities on our checklist. It was 25 minutes to my husband’s work, in a terrific school system, had a large back and front yard, and it was totally livable right away with the exception of a few changes that needed to be made. To boot, the home was located on a cul-de-sac in a beautiful neighborhood. Could this be too good to be true?

We put in our offer and waited only a day and a half to hear the outcome. Three other families were bidding against us. We thought our odds were slim knowing how competitive the market is.

Well, to our utter amazement and surprise, we got the news that our offer was the most attractive to the seller. We were going to be homeowners! My manifesting worked!

The Way of a Highly Sensitive Person

The night of the exciting news took a toll on my highly sensitive self. I wanted to be excited. I really did. But instead, I was literally “buzzing” with energy which felt like anxiety. I couldn’t sleep a wink! My mind was racing and my body was vibrating. I was overwhelmed (as so often HSPs are).

As the days counted on, my body returned to its normal state. I was still in disbelief over the news, but tried my best to embrace all the goodness and abundance that was entering my life. I affirmed over and over that my manifesting efforts really worked.

Through the process, I realized that I was reacting to the “change” upon me in a very common way for highly sensitive people. While I like some changes, especially ones that I plan for, it’s incredibly important for me to have predicability and comfort in the process.

Wait. What Just Happened?

The home buying process threw my HSP self for a loop. Everything moved SO fast. From the moment we got the news that our offer was accepted to the time we went to settlement, things rolled rapidly. I felt like I couldn’t make decisions at my own pace. I was forced to act quickly. There was a short timeline for inspections, conversations and responses, and just about everything else!

I thought about the whole moving process and what it would take to make me feel my best. Highly sensitive people thrive on predictability, comfort, low stimulation (most of the time), quiet recharging time, and the ability to feel out peoples’ energy.

Let’s face it. Moving can be super exciting, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Based on my experience, here are tips that may help moving be LESS stressful for a highly sensitive person:

Moving Tips for Highly Sensitive People

#1 Preparation is key. Giving yourself plenty of time to pack, organize, and purge old belongings is essential. Having plenty of time to physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for the upcoming change is wise. If you’re a to-do-list type like me, creating a list of tasks is a great idea. This will streamline your thoughts and keep you moving ahead.

If asking others to help you pack makes you feel less overwhelmed, do it! For me, however, I like to be the one packing my belongings. I find it more stressful having others touching my stuff and organizing their way. Having moved before, I learned this about myself and realized that I prefer to be in control. I feel much more settled.

#2 Plan “Me Time” Breaks. My head was spinning with all the things I had to do and I noticed that I was skimping on necessary “me time” and self-care routines. Staying aware of your own energy stores and possible burnout symptoms is important so that you can rest, recharge, and regroup.

Are you feeling run down? Irritable? Sleepless? These could be signs that you’re burning out. Be careful not to overdo it. I highly recommend laying on an acupressure mat, taking warm epsom salt baths, getting outside for a walk or jog, or meditating.

#3 Journal Your Feelings. However you journal whether it’s with paper and pen, typing on a computer, or a voice recording, during times of change, it can be very helpful to record how you’re feeling in the process.

Write down your worries, any questions that keep arising, or what you want your next steps to be. By addressing your emotions and persistent thoughts, you can reduce the overwhelm you might be experiencing. By creating lists, you create more predictability and control of the situation.

#4 Unpack at a Pace That Feels Comfortable. Some HSPs prefer to unpack and get organized as quickly as possible because they crave an environment that is comfortable and familiar. Other HSPs can be quickly overwhelmed seeing tons of moving boxes needing to be unpacked. There is no right or wrong.

Unpack at your own pace without putting pressure on yourself. Your house will come together to create a familiar place at just the right time, so don’t create added stress with “should” statements such as, “I should have unpacked this by now.” Pace yourself.

#5 Create a New Attachment. The thought of starting anew can be daunting. New friends, community, home, schools, stores, parks, doctors, etc. You get what I mean. New, new, new! For HSPs, you might grieve the loss of what was familiar to you from where you used to live.

It’s important to explore your new surroundings and connect with your neighbors so that you can start to create new attachments. Consider participating in activities that you used to enjoy in your previous location.

In fact, it’s a great idea to carry on with leisure activities that brought you joy and comfort before. The sooner you get back to doing things that you enjoy, the better you’ll feel.

#6 Embrace Your Emotions. As an HSP, you can expect a ton of emotions to arise as moving takes place. Some of those emotions are your own, but many are not. HSPs absorb and take on emotions of others, so be aware of what feels true for you.

If you’re finding that you’re overwhelmed, out of sorts, irritable, or just feeling “off”, check in with yourself and try to figure out what might be going on. Perhaps some of the energy you’re feeling isn’t your own, but rather from those around you. You might even want to consider doing an energy clearing ritual once you move into your new place.

#7 Recruit Help. I know I needed my husband to handle many of the financial decisions regarding our move. Why? I simply am not very competent when it comes to money talk. It goes right over my head. I know this about myself. My husband, on the other hand, is very comfortable talking about all things financial (thank goodness!).

In the beginning of the process when everything was moving wayyyyyy too quickly for this HSP, I asked my husband to please handle all of the conversations that pertained to mortgages, escrow, insurances, etc. I, on the other hand, was more than willing taking on tasks that involved scheduling contractors, decorating, finding new schools for my son, organizing movers, etc.

Know your strengths and don’t be ashamed to ask for help in areas that might overstimulate or overwhelm you. It’s okay! For me, this greatly lessened the original stress and overwhelm I was feeling.

#8 Express Gratitude. Moving from a place of comfort and familiarity can be jolting for some of us. What I have started doing is expressing gratitude in my current home for everything around me. I believe this has helped me detach and accept that newness is happening.

As I purge old belongings (some things I have had with me for decades!), I say, “thank you,” to that object. I thank it for all the years it was with me and what it did for me in that time. Then I discard it or bless it to the next recipient if I’m selling or donating it.

Similarly, I thank my house or particular room or piece of furniture for how it has served me over the past few years. I feel a sense of peace when I express my gratitude because I genuinely am thankful!

Moving Tips for HSPs

You Don’t Have to Be a Stressed Mess

So yes, moving can be stressful, especially for those of us who are highly sensitive. However, there are ways to make it an enjoyable experience too. Taking time to prepare for the move, allowing yourself to rest and recharge, leaning on others for support, creating new familiarities, and simply allowing yourself to “just be” exactly who you are can all lessen the stress.

Now it’s time for me to embrace all of the goodness that comes with this manifested move. I can’t wait to make memories in my new home with my family and share them with all of you.

So now the question is….What shall I manifest next?

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