September in Maine

Hello fellow travelers!  Writing about my travels is always so fun for me.  It’s a way to replay the memories I created on my trip, but also a way to share the fun with my readers.  Perhaps you will travel to the same places and we can compare experiences!

My most recent trip was to Penobscot, Maine for a family wedding.  Every time I have traveled to Penobscot to stay with family, there have been new landscapes to explore and new experiences to partake in.  This trip was no different!

First of all, this mama was thrilled to have a kid-free weekend!  Just the thought of having two mornings where I could potentially sleep in or at least not be “on” at the crack of dawn lit me up like a kid on Christmas morning.

Though I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep in (that’s what having a baby will do to ya), I knew that I could wake up at my leisure and roll out of bed without needing to attend to anyone.  It’s these rare occasions that I embrace and cherish.  I think every mom needs a weekend like this more frequently than we often are offered.

Our First Day in Maine

Anyway, the weather for the weekend couldn’t be any more perfect. We arrived on a Friday and decided to drive into Bar Harbor, about an hour away from where we were staying.  Bar Harbor is home to Acadia National Park and a lovely downtown shopping and eating district.

Because it was drizzling rain and on the chillier side, we decided to skip our plan of hiking in the park for a day of strolling around town.  My husband and I dined at a waterside restaurant where he feasted on his first lobster roll of the weekend.  I was anxious to have some hot water with lemon to warm me up!

After eating our delicious lunches, we ventured outside to notice that the rain had stopped.  Hooray!  We poked into different galleries, trinket shops, and of course, crystal stores!  I was on the hunt for a tourmaline rock, but I just didn’t find one that spoke to me.  The hunt will continue!

My husband and I started the tradition of collecting a Christmas tree ornament from every vacation spot we visit, so we got an adorable lobster buoy ornament that will make its debut on our tree this year!

bar harbor, me

Later that night, we met up with tons of family who came in from all parts of the U.S.  I love my family and I wish that I saw them more often.  Having events like a wedding are so wonderful because it’s an opportunity for everyone to gather and catch up.

We grabbed dinner together then we all parted ways back to our bed and breakfasts where we’d be sleeping.  By this time, I was exhausted and ready for bed. Tomorrow would be a day of fun and adventure!

Let’s Go on an Adventure

Saturday morning was perfect for this mama.  I woke up early but got out of bed when it felt right to do so.  No pressure, no little (or big) hands tugging at me, just a general desire to get the day started. Truth be told, I was so excited to get outside to hike!

My husband and I grabbed a quick breakfast before making our way to Deer Isle, ME.  Deer Isle has several hiking trails, mostly on the easy scale.  We chose one at random from what we read online and drove to the trail head.  The sign read:  Edgar Tennis Preserve.  Perfect!

As we started our hike, we were wowed with the lush green moss that lined the rocks and trees.  Sunlight filtered through the canopy of trees almost like a personal spotlight lighting the trail just for us.  

We trekked across the bumpy ground covered in tree roots, rocks, and dirt.  The trail was beautiful!  It was the perfect combination of elements and it was peacefully easy to navigate!

We kept stopping along the walk to take pictures because everything was simply so stunning.  The ground was slightly damp from the rain the day before, but conditions seemed picture perfect.

As we made our way through the woods, we ended up at a clearing that overlooked the bay.  Lobster buoys decorated the water as sea kelp hugged the rocky shore.

In the distance was the puttering of a local lobster boat collecting their bounty for the morning.  Across the water on neighboring islands, pine trees lined the coast for a magnificent view.  A true Maine experience.

We traversed the rocks, did a few yoga poses, closed our eyes and soaked it all in, and continued on our way after letting out an audible sigh of relaxation and happiness.  The trail was a little over two miles, which was perfect.

I wasn’t sure how my body would feel given the state is has been in, so I didn’t want to push it too hard knowing we had a full night ahead of us.  I have to say, though, I was feeling really good!  My energy levels were high, my mood was bright, and my achy joints were at a minimum.

As we walked, we realized that this time of year was ideal for hikes like these.  The trails were quiet and we basically were the only people out there.  Towards the end of our hike, we crossed paths with a lovely couple and their Portuguese water dog which was a nice change from the solitude.  What a great trail to bring a dog on, I thought!

Yoga in Maine

As the trail loop came to an end, we were ready to lunch.  We decided to head back towards our B&B and make a pitstop at a local brewery that we passed on our drive to Deer Isle.

In case you didn’t know, my husband LOVES craft beer and the whole brewery ambiance.  So, even though I don’t drink, I always try to encourage him to stop at breweries because I know it lights him up.

We met up with some family at Strong Brewery in Sedgwick.  The guys ordered their flights of beer to try and we decided to grab lunch from the food truck on the property.

To my surprised delight, the food truck chef said that basically everything on the truck could be made GLUTEN FREE!  Say what?! My heart skipped a beat with excitement.  When is it ever this easy to find gluten free fare, especially on a food truck in the backwoods of Maine!?  Meant. To. Be.  So, I ordered a vegan black bean burger on gluten free bun.

Lunch was served.

To make this experience even more crazy, my husband got to talking to the brew master only to learn that he and his wife were originally from Long Beach Island, NJ.  That is the shore destination that I grew up going to (and still go to)!  I’m actually on Long Beach Island as I type this post!

Small world, right?  I mean, we literally were in the far backwoods, rural AF parts of Maine, and we meet two individuals who grew up where I spend my summer months?  Crazy.  Just crazy.

The “Maine” Event

The wedding was beautiful. The backdrop of the Penobscot River was the only decoration they needed. Nature always is the best decor, don’t you think? But their simple rustic charm theme was beautifully executed.

rustic beauty

I love weddings because I enjoy celebrating love, romance, and new beginnings.  I also love dancing! But being a highly sensitive person, I have to be careful not to overstimulate myself at events like these because it will likely cause issues in the following hours.  During dinner, my husband could see a shift in my energy levels.

He recognized that the space where we were eating was packed with people, very noisy from talking and music, and just draining for this highly sensitive person.

He kept suggesting that I go outside to take a break (which was amazing that he learned that this is a coping skill necessary for me!), but I declined.  I worried that if I left the noisy space only to re-enter it, I would be worse off.  I’m not sure I was right, actually.  I think my husband had the right idea.

I loved dancing and the crowd of guests was awesome! They had killer dance moves and energy to last for hours!  Me, however, after a few songs in, dancing close to the loud speaker and live band, I was feeling depleted.

I was developing a mild headache and some digestive distress.  There was a LOT of energy and stimulation around me.  For some, this is the type of energy that they could feed off of and go all night with.  For me though, I was drained and ready for my pajamas.

Overall, the wedding was a hit and such a good time!  I enjoyed everything about it, especially seeing my cousin so happy and in love!

Our Last Day in Maine

On Sunday, our last day in Maine, we woke up and drove into Ellsworth to grab a casual breakfast at a local diner.  I LOVE DINERS.  After filling our bellies, we debated what to do with our time before heading to the airport.  If we went on a hike, we’d need to find a place to shower afterwards.  The day was beautiful, so we didn’t want it to go to waste.

So, after a quick call to my aunt to see if we could shower at her place, we decided to try a new hiking spot!  It was between hiking up Blue Hill Mountain or going back towards the water in Deer Isle.

This time, we chose Shore Preserve in Deer Isle.  This hiking spot wasn’t too far away from yesterday’s, so we figured we’d get a good combination of wooded trail and water’s edge.

Shore Preserve Trails in Deer Isle

Both my husband and I agreed, this trail didn’t hold a candle to yesterday’s hike.  While it had it’s beautiful spots, it was much less exciting and dramatic than the Edgar Tennis Preserve.  The colors didn’t pop throughout the woods like the previous trail and even the coastal spots to enjoy the water views were less thrilling.  It was an easy 1.8 mile trail with no physically challenging aspects to it.

Hiking in Maine

What I do know is that nature is healing.  Breathing in the fresh air, absorbing the sunshine, and hearing the sounds of nature bring healing to my body and soul.

As I sat out on one of the rocks, I listened to the water lap, the birds chirp, and the leaves rustle.  I was instantly calmed.  It was a nice reminder to get out in nature as often as possible for its life-energy properties.

Whether you’re an HSP like me or not, nature has beneficial qualities for everyone!  For HSPs, it can be one of the most recharging forces available to us.

After driving back to Penobscot, grabbing a quick shower, and saying our goodbyes to family, we were off!  We drove to Bangor to catch our flight home.

It was a great weekend filled with so many highlights.  Time with family, time in nature, and time to just relax.  Now it’s time to plan our next trip!  Happy traveling!

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