October’s Book Review

Hello beautiful souls! I just finished my book for the month of October and I’m excited to share it with all of you.  Once you see the topic (and the title), you’ll probably think, this is “for the ladies”.  But men, while it has a ton to do with a woman’s body, it can benefit you too!  So please read and share this resource with the women in your life!  Better yet, have you subscribed to the blog yet?

This month’s book choice was Woman Code by Alisa Vitti.  Alisa is the founder of FLO Living, a holistic wellness center focused on women’s hormone imbalances.  When I chose this book, I was intrigued in the topic of “cycle syncing”.  Several women in an online group that I am a part of were experimenting with Alisa’s cycle syncing method, which is outlined in the book.  Cycle syncing? What is that?

Can You Relate?

As a woman, I have noticed that some month’s my cycle seems so benign with hardly any PMS or menstrual symptoms. It’s like a dream. Other months, I am all sorts of moody, crampy, headachy, and just downright OVER menstruation.  Ladies, you know what I mean?!  My husband has seen me laid out on a heating pad in the first few days of my period because my cramping and back aches are so intense. On some days, my energy crashes and I can barely keep my eyes open!  Yet, other months, I barely feel a thing and life goes on without a pause.

So what could be causing such differences in how I feel?  Alisa’s book explains the science behind the four stages of a woman’s cycle.  I’ll admit, I was tempted to skip over the scientific explanations of my hormones and endocrine system. But as she explained, if a woman doesn’t understand her own body, following the “method” won’t make much sense.

It’s true.  I learned a lot about my cycle thanks to staying the course and reading from cover to cover.  Yep, I’m a 39 year old woman who still had things to learn about her own cycle.  My guess is, you will have something to learn too! Woman Code to the rescue!

Alisa’s book addresses how to perfect your cycle, amplify your fertility, and supercharge your sex drive all while becoming a power source!  See guys, I bet “supercharge your sex drive” got your attention now didn’t it?!  But seriously, the book covers all things hormone related.  The truth is, most women are “out of balance” hormonally.  I think for me, I might not have recovered from pregnancy.

So whether you’re looking to have a nicer menstruation experience, you want to increase your fertility odds, boost your sex drive, or figure out your hormonal patterns, this book is for you!

As part of my wellness journey, I learned that my hormones were out of whack through an at-home test from Everlywell.  (I’ll talk more about this test at the bottom of this article if you want more info).  Some of my hormones were super low and needed attention.

What I Learned 

The symptoms were all there for me:  irritable/moody, tired, low libido, sugar cravings, exhausted, headaches, PMS, etc.  The least I can do is educate myself on the hormones in my body, right?  Well, what I learned from reading Woman Code was this…

  1. My diet/lifestyle plays a BIG part in how I feel during the four stages of my cycle.
  2. I operate with too much masculine energy. It’s time to harness more femininity!
  3. There are several holistic remedies available for rebalancing hormones – no PHARMA necessary.  Can I get an AMEN!?

Ultimately, I am already on the path to healing.  I eat a mostly plant-based diet, drink tons of water, exercise based on how my body feels, and lean towards holistic treatments before conventional ones. However, I definitely have room for improvement as far as self-care goes.  In reading this book, I became so aware of how little time I carve out just for myself.  It made me sad, actually.

I am doing, doing, doing for others and don’t take the time on a daily basis to check in with my body.  I know I’m not alone in this.  My story is so many other women’s story.  It can be done, I just have to get it on my radar and bring it to my consciousness.  Perhaps I will set a daily reminder on my phone to pause and do something for my own self-care.  Alisa provides several suggestions on self-care techniques to embrace.

The Four Phases of Your Cycle

Okay, so back to the book!  Alisa provides a wellness plan based on the four parts of a woman’s hormone cycle.  It’s fascinating to read about what the body is doing during each of the phases and how to feed the body, treat the body, and respond to the body to make the cycle work for YOU.

She gives dietary advice for how to combat or even get rid of symptoms that we all hate (PMS anyone?!).  She also suggests what activities to engage in or avoid based on your cycle phase.  Additionally, she explains what certain symptoms indicate so that you can self-correct, if needed, to experience a more pleasant cycle.  For women who are having irregularities in their cycle, this book is for you too!

I Am Woman, Hear Me ROAR

I think the part of the book that spoke the loudest to me, personally, was the “Becoming a Power Source” chapter.  In this section, she discussed ways to supercharge your sex drive and how to realign your life with feminine energy.  She provided a short quiz, which told me that I am operating with almost ALL masculine energy in my life.  Shocker! (sarcasm)

I found this eye-opening because I distinctly remember back in 2006 saying to a co-worker, “I want to try and be more “feminine” this year.”  Clearly I was aware of my masculine tendencies and I really yearned to harness another side of me.  I know there is feminine energy within me, but I believe I have conditioned myself to present myself to the world with the alternative energy to be in “more control”.

The counselor in me is screaming, “I know, I know….control is an illusion.  It’s our minds that THINK we can have control.”  I always need reminding of that.  I digress.  The thing is, I was trying to APPEAR more feminine in 2006.  I didn’t take into account that femininity comes from within.  It’s an energy just like everything else.  Yes, sometimes it translates into one’s appearance, but not always.  Feminine energy comes in so many other forms, which Alisa discusses.

Embracing Femininity

Then, Alisa outlines the seven principles of feminine energy, which I LOOOOOVED.  I’m thinking I might print the principles and make them into intentions.  I’d love to see what happens in my life by trying on the principles for 30 days.  So ladies, next month, I will be creating this challenge.  If you want to join me for the month of November please comment to this post and share it with the ladies in your life!!  


Call it the projector, the life-long learner, or the teacher in me – I love experimenting with new concepts and seeing how they affect my life.  I’d love to take you along for the journey.  Are you in?

Like I said, this book is all about women’s hormones, but gentlemen, who doesn’t want the woman in your life happy, vibrant, emotionally stable, and excited about sex?  I’m pretty sure every man would happily raise his hand to that question!  If you know a woman who might benefit from Woman Code, make sure to tell her about this resource!

And ladies, let’s embrace all the beauty that each of us embodies.  Our bodies are magnificent machines that deserve our love and nurturance.  It’s never too late to understand a little more about ourselves and heighten our awareness.  After all, that’s exactly what this blog is all about!  Happy learning, everyone!!

** Additional note on Everlywell.  Everlywell home kits make it super easy to test for all sorts of things:  women’s and men’s health panel, food sensitivities, thyroid functioning, inflammation markers, Vitamin D levels, metabolism function, STDs, etc.  I used Everlywell to test my hormones as well as food sensitivities.  They make it super easy to test yourself and send back to labs for processing.  Check it out if you’re interested!




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