October Intentions!

Welcome October, I never thought I’d say this since I love summer so much, but I’m glad you’re here. And readers, I’m glad you’re here too! I have a lot of change and exciting things on the horizon, so I am leaning into embracing the change of seasons and going with the flow instead of resisting it.  With every new month comes a chance to cast my intentions out to the universe.

Last month’s intentions were super helpful in turning my awareness towards being more present and in tune with my natural self.  One of the biggest challenges was cutting back on phone usage in the evening hours. I have formed a habit of reading or playing games on my phone as a way to slow down and unwind.  The problem is, I’m not sure it was actually accomplishing what I had hoped it would.  I’d find myself still having to “turn off” after putting the phone down and turning the tv off around 10 o’clock every night.  So, my body wasn’t actually getting to sleep until closer to 11pm.  Not good for this HSP.

But I am proud to say that for the month of September, I’d say about 80% of the time, I was able to disconnect from my phone by 8pm.  That’s pretty good considering where I started!  Every night, I had to consciously tell myself to put my phone in airplane mode and place it on my bedside table instead of habitually grabbing it and swiping to the next point of interest.

By detaching from my phone, I was able to fully be present for whatever tv show was on. Better yet, I was available to just chat with my husband.  He might have still been on his phone, but I was free from the abyss (aka: my phone).  Now don’t get me wrong, I felt the dreaded pull of my phone almost every one of those nights.  You know, the pull that says, “Wendy, there’s a commercial on tv, fill your time with something on this phone…”  The key was staying conscious of my intention and the urge trying to rear its ugly head (just like binge eating – read about that here). Let’s just say I am more aware of just how addictive the device is and how bad it is for deep connection with people. It’s a work in progress.

Isn’t It Ironic?

It’s funny because I am always so aware of people being on their phones while dining at restaurants. The people don’t even talk to the other people that they’re sitting with! I even despise people answering their phone in other’s company unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I hate seeing people do these things because it seems so insensitive. It saddens me because it takes away from people really connecting with one another.

Well, I was doing the same thing except I wasn’t at a restaurant, I was in my bed!!  It was an A-HA moment for sure.  I was doing exactly what I hated seeing other people do.  I was giving my focus to something other than the person right next to me who deserves my love and attention.  Of course, I don’t need to be in deep conversation with my husband EVERY night, but I want to be available if he wants to connect.

So, the month of September was special in that it helped me gain some self-awareness. Hopefully I will start some better, healthier habits around technology.  That’s why I love intention setting so much, it’s a great way to stay conscious about what you’re doing and what you want for yourself.

I know I’m not alone in the technology addiction thing.  If we all took time to become a little more aware of our actions, think about the change that could come about in our worlds!  We’d be more present, more connected, more fulfilled, happier (perhaps), and more at peace.

What is your conscious path?
What is your conscious path?

So that brings me to creating my October intentions.  I have a lot of changes ahead: surgeries, healing, personal creative projects, new counseling certifications, and more!  For me, change can be exciting but it can also be unsettling.  I wouldn’t say I’m particularly anxious about the unknown, I’m more curious about it. I don’t believe in bad decisions because I think every decision leads to wisdom and awareness, so even when I have doubts, I explore them within safe reason. Intentions create a conscious path for me to follow.

Introducing my October Intentions!

I am excited for this month because a lot of learning is coming my way!  I just got my October book to read from my local library and can’t wait to get started.  Additionally, I will continue my education around integrative counseling techniques.  My passion is to help others live their best lives in the most self-aware way possible. I have been building my knowledge base around holistic and natural ways to treat common mental health conditions.  It’s super important to me to offer ways for people to heal ‘naturally’ whenever possible.  It’s simply what speaks to my soul.

And get this folks!  I’m going to write a book.  I’ve meditated on this for some time now and I finally feel like I have clarity on what I want to write about.  I’m not going to spill the beans just yet until it’s underway, but I’m super excited to begin the process.  While I love to write, I’ve never written a BOOK. It’s overwhelming and daunting, but I’m fired up about it!  I’m guessing it’ll be a slow process since my momhood doesn’t offer me much free time, but I figure if I chip away at it little by little, it’ll happen.  IT WILL HAPPEN. (Hear that, Universe?!)

Next, I intend to focus my meditation practice on releasing any stagnant, unneeded negative energy that might be residing in my body.  I deeply believe that full healing cannot take place until you remove blockages and any negative emotions that need attention.  In general, I don’t feel like I harbor a ton of negativity, but I am aware of a few lingering resentments that need my compassion and permission to leave my body.  They no longer serve me.  I will be writing a blog post on this topic very soon!

Finally, with all the changes ahead of me, I am using my faith to guide me.  For me, my faith and spirituality are compasses in my life.  They are also life jackets.  When I am unsure if I can withstand something, I turn to my faith.  If I’m struggling with something, I give it over to the universe to handle.  Ultimately, I believe I will be guided to the exact people, places, and experiences I need to evolve at all the perfect times.  The people, places, and circumstances that do bring high vibes or lend themselves to my betterment simply are not a part of my life.  Heck, it took my faith for me to start this blog.  I was so nervous to put myself out there, but now look, I am LOVING it!  That fear just needed me to walk into it, not around it.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like major shifts are about to happen in my life.  It’s that excited yet unsettled feeling deep inside of me, almost like a knowing that change is upon me.  My desire is to embrace all of the changes and explore every ping my intuition gives me in the coming months.  Are you with me?  Are you ready for change?  Start writing your intentions and then post them somewhere you will see them every day.  I’d love to hear about what’s on your mind.  Leave a comment or send me a note!  Happy season of change, everyone!

Time for Change
Time for Change
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