November: A Month of Change

It’s November! At the beginning of October, I felt like November would take fooooorever to get here with anticipation of this months’ surgeries.

To my surprise, October flew by and here we are!  I have both my eye surgery and breast explant surgery this month, so the next couple of weeks are going to be interesting!

As with every new month, it’s a great time to speak my intentions to the universe.  Last month as I discussed Alisa Vitti’s book Woman Code, I mentioned wanting to use her 7 Principles of Femininity as a guide for this months’ intentions.  I started the 30 Day Femininity Challenge with those of you who expressed interest in joining me on this journey!

Let me just say, I love that you wanted to try on something different for yourself this month to see what changes might come about in your life as a result.

I am loving hearing your updates on what you’ve tried and how it felt.  I know we’re only five days into the month, but I have already had a lot of fun trying on some of these principles and their actionable steps. It sounds like you have too (thanks for writing me to tell me all about it!).

So, without further ado, here are my intentions:

Based on Alisa Vitti’s 7 Principles of Femininity in her book Woman Code.

Designing an Intention Around Each Principle

Now it’s time to break it down… 

Eating healthy and drinking tons of water isn’t a new concept to me, but this month it’s super important because I have two surgeries that my body needs to be ready for.  

Eating well and flushing toxins out will be crucial for my entry into surgery and then my recovery afterwards.  So, I have made a conscious effort to be wise about my nutritional choices this month.

This one is an uncomfortable one for me, I’m not going to lie!  I don’t know about you, but for me,    saying “fine” when someone asks me how I am doing is such an automatic response.  But is it true?  Am I fine?  Sure, in some ways, I’m TOTALLY fine.  But if I’m going to be 100% authentic (which means sometimes being vulnerable – EEK!), then I need to give an answer that truly describes how I am doing IN THAT MOMENT.

I think I tend to say “fine” because I don’t want to bring someone down by describing how I’m really feeling, or I don’t want to burden them in any way with the emotional “stuff” I am carrying around lately.  But here is the truth, when someone has said something other than “fine” to me in response to that same question, I can’t recall ever feeling burdened by what they wanted to share.

If anything, it allowed me to feel more connected to that person because he/she was letting me know what was going on.  So, I am going to embrace this challenge and do my best with describing exactly how I am feeling in the moment I am asked.

This one seems easy for me.  I’m usually very aware of my senses and I tend to absorb so much throughout my day.  As a highly sensitive person, it’s kind of a given that my senses are constantly at work.

BUT, I do have to say, since starting this intention, I have literally stopped in my tracks to FULLY tune into the sense that is ignited.  Just yesterday as I was driving, I found myself in awe of the fall foliage colors.  The breathtaking vibrant yellow and orange leaves literally touched a deep part of my soul just by looking at them.

I like this one.  As I have explained to my husband, there aren’t many things in this world that “excite” me in the standard sense of the word.  The one exception is Nantucket!  (If you’ve never been to Nantucket by the way, YOU NEED TO GO!) The sheer mention of Nantucket lights me up in ways nothing else does.  That is something that truly EXCITES me.

Otherwise, I think I’m just generally a very fulfilled person that finds happiness in simple things, but I am curious to see what will come when I bring this intention to my consciousness for 30 days.

I think this intention is something everyone should try.  I recently had to re-evaluate a few relationships in my life.  Were they serving me and bringing me happiness or were they draining my spirit for one reason or another?

If they weren’t bringing me happiness or feeling supportive, then I had to make the easy (but hard) decision to distance myself from those relationships.  This girl just does NOT welcome extra stress or negativity into her life.  Nopers.

Holy cow, this is the one I need the most! I am a very independent person in so many ways and I often have the “I can do it myself” attitude.  It’s true, I CAN do everything myself, BUT to harness a more feminine energy, it’s important that I allow myself to be supported.  It’s more than okay to receive.

It doesn’t make me lazy.  It doesn’t make me a princess.  It doesn’t make me selfish.  Changing my thoughts around this is going to be an adjustment!

Buuuuuut, I just had an experience the other day that supported this very intention.  I was staying at a hotel and the bellhop offered to help me with my luggage all the way down from my room.

Typically, I’d thank him for the offer but assure him that “I got it” and struggle to manage all of my bags while corralling my son and navigating elevator buttons just in the name of being “able” to do it all.  This time, however, I graciously accepted his offer.  Can I just say…IT FELT GREAT! I allowed myself to be supported and I enjoyed it!

I often set this intention, as you’ll notice, because this is a form of self-care that really helps me.  Writing is therapeutic for me and meditating is a great way for me to check in with myself.

So there ya have it, my November intentions.  These intentions are all centered on harnessing more feminine energy and releasing some of the masculine energy I bring into my daily life.

Ultimately, these intentions are a way to get in touch with my inner self.  My spirit.  My soul.  Many of these intentions draw out a vulnerability that I often shy away from.

I am curious to see how 30 days of trying on these intentions will feel.  I am also excited to hear about the ladies who are joining me on this journey to hear how their experiences go.

If you want to adopt one or several or all of these intentions, please do!  What I ask is that you comment below which one you are choosing and then keep me posted on what unfolds in the next few weeks.

Embrace this month of change and let your inner light shine through!  Happy evolving, everyone!

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