non-toxic shower cleaner

Natural Homemade Shower Cleaner

Hey Everyone, it’s Wendy (aka The Sensitive Soul).  As many of you know, I have been making the shift to more chemical-free products over the past year and a half.  Since being sick with mysterious symptoms and learning that my body was not detoxifying some pretty scary stuff (like gasoline additives and lacquer, say what?!), I took on the challenge of eliminating harsh chemicals around my home.

My journey continues.

While many of my cleaning products are now homemade, some of them are still store-bought.  I do my best to choose products that are plant based and that contain as few harmful ingredients as possible.  One way I choose products is by using the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep resource.  When you’re considering a product, plug in the product’s name into the Skin Deep search bar and you can find out just how safe or harmful it is to your health.

I love the various cleaner recipes I have been using for a while now. Everything from all purpose cleaners, dusting sprays, to dryer ball sprays are all homemade nowadays. If you’re interested in checking them out, be sure to go to the Spring Cleaning: How to Make Your Own Non-Toxic Cleaners post where you can find the recipes.

So that brings me to my latest experiment…a shower cleaner. My husband noticed that our shower tends to get this really nasty red residue or stain. It shows up in the grout as well as in the basin of the shower. Have you ever had this type of growth? If so, please tell me about it! Is it mold? Fungus? Rust from the pipes? Whatever it is, I want it gone!

non-toxic shower cleaner

Naturally, I don’t want to use traditional bleaching agents since bleach is extremely toxic and harmful to our health.  It was one of the many chemicals that showed up in my testing that my body hadn’t detoxed.  Gross (and scary)!

Let’s Get Cleaning, Naturally

So, I tried using this natural, homemade shower cleaner using Oxyboost.  If you haven’t heard of MyGreenFills, check them out.  They’re a company committed to providing safe, natural products for families to use.  I’ve used their laundry detergent, stain remover, and brightener.

Here is the recipe I used:

1 scoop MyGreenFills Oxyboost

1 scoop MyGreenFills enzyme stain remover

1/2 cup purified warm water

3 drops lemon essential oil

3 drops tea tree oil (to combat fungus and mold)

Natural shower cleaner recipe


Mix ingredients together in a small bowl and use a small scrubbing sponge/brush to apply to desired areas. Let the scrubbed areas sit for about 5 minutes then rinse.  You may need to repeat this process one more time for a full clean.

The Results Are In

Overall, this recipe worked very well. What I loved the best was the fresh, clean scent it left behind in my shower. The red stains disappeared (for now), so it clearly did something right without the unnecessary toxicity of common cleaners.

There are so many opportunities to use natural, chemical-free cleaners in your home and still get the great results that harmful cleaners offer. If you haven’t made the switch to creating a healthier environment for yourself, what’s stopping you?

I can tell you this – making homemade cleaners is way less expensive if you’re concerned about money. It’s also really simple and quick to do, if you’re worried about it taking up too much time.

Not convinced that homemade cleaners really do the job? Just do your research and you’ll find out – they’re just as effective (often times more!) at eliminating germs and viruses without the additional harmful ingredients. That’s a score in my book!

I’ll let you do your own research on the topic if you’re on the fence. But, if you do choose to lean into making your home more chemical-free, I applaud you! You’re compassionately choosing your health and wellness, which is priceless!!

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