Dandelion Peppermint Tea

My September Steep

Hi friends! How you brewin’? I don’t know about you, but I have a love-hate relationship with coffee. I’ve never been a huge coffee drinker, in fact, one cup of decaf is all I need and want when I drink it. I typically go in and out of coffee kicks primarily because I don’t always love how it makes me feel afterwards. Its acidity probably isn’t doing any favors for my body either (keep it alkaline, baby!). On occasion, I love the caffeinated jumpstart it gives my brain to get things accomplished.

More often regular, caffeinated coffee sends my sensitive body into a tizzy. It feels like I ingested amphetamines and can’t slow down all day. I do not care for that sensation. It’s quite uncomfortable for me so I try and limit how often I drink the stuff.

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Truth be told, I sure do love the act of drinking coffee. The distinct aroma of brewing coffee is enough to entice me into pouring myself a small mug full. Then, adding my almond milk and teaspoon of maple syrup to disguise the bitter taste becomes a fun routine.

Maple syrup in your coffee, Wendy? Really? Yes! If you typically add sugar to your coffee, I highly recommend you try switching to maple syrup (it’s a form of sugar with additional trace minerals). Be sure to only use 100% pure maple syrup, not the high fructose corn syrup imitation stuff. Yuck. While you’re at it, you might want to ditch the artificial sugar sweeteners. Just sayin’.

Switch It Up, Buttercup!

If you’re ready to find an alternative to drink instead of coffee, let me introduce peppermint-dandelion tea. Natural, non-caffeinated herbal teas are SO much friendlier on my body so I found this warm, cozy tea combination that I am loving.

Why this combo? Well, both teas, individually, have great medicinal properties. I want the benefits of both, but drinking dandelion tea by itself is a little too bitter for me. Combining it with sweet, cooling peppermint seems to disguise the bitterness just enough making it a delicious, Earthy drink!

Ways Dandelion Tea Could Help You

  1. Promotes Healthy Liver Health: Dandelion root may serve as a liver tonic! Dandelion can increase the flow of bile and can help detoxify the liver. I particularly need this since I have a sluggish liver.

2. Reduces Water Weight: Feeling bloated? Dandelion tea can help promote urine output since it acts as a diuretic.

3. Soothes digestive upset: Dandelion tea may improve appetite, soothe minor digestive ailments, and relieve constipation.

4. Cancer Prevention: Recent studies are showing promising results indicating that dandelion root could be cancer-fighting, particularly for melanoma and pancreatic cells.

Now you know the great qualities of the dandelion root, so let’s talk about the benefits of peppermint!

Ways Peppermint Tea Could Help You

Peppermint’s medicinal properties act as an anti-stress aide and offer digestive relief. In fact, when I came out of breast explant surgery, I was pretty sick to my stomach from the anesthesia. To my surprise, the nurse didn’t offer me conventional drugs, she instead put some peppermint essential oil on a gauze pad and had me keep it under my nose to inhale. It worked like a charm and kept my nausea at bay.

Let’s dive into some of the many ways peppermint tea can help you.

  1. It’s Calming and Reduces Stress: If you experience symptoms of stress or anxiety, hook yourself up with some peppermint tea! The menthol in this herb relaxes muscles.
  2. It Can Stave Off Hunger Pangs: If you’re looking to curb your appetite, peppermint tea might be worth a try. Just a cup of this deliciousness can leave you feeling full and less tempted to reach for additional calories.
  3. Calms Digestive/Stomach Distress: There’s that word “calm” again. If you suffer from IBS, constipation, or even motion sickness, sipping on a cup of warm peppermint tea may bring you much needed relief.
  4. Improves Digestion: Menthol offers antiseptic and antibacterial properties helping your body digest with more ease.
  5. Keeps Bad Breath at Bay: Say goodbye to foul breath! Peppermint, with its antibacterial properties attacks germs and plaque in your mouth to help keep you smelling fresher!
  6. Boosts Immune Systems: With its antibacterial properties in addition to its traces of potassium, vitamin B, and antioxidants, this tea is a no brainer when it comes to supporting your overall health!
  7. Aides Sleep: I love sleep and I’m a mess to be around when I haven’t had enough of it. If you suffer from insomnia, give this tea a try! The relaxant properties help soothe your body, so grab a cup of warm tea before your bedtime and sip away!

Mmm, just writing about this tea is making me want to run to my kitchen to make a cup! The lovely part about this tea is that it won’t get your body amped up. It is a relaxing tea with feel-good properties.

Time to Get Sipping

I’m sure as you read the above qualities of each tea, you can understand how combining them packs a powerful punch (in a good way)! I encourage you to seek out an organic brand (see above links for suggestions) if you’re interested in trying this tea combo, or just one of them separately. Pesticides contaminate tea leaves, so you’ll want to safeguard your health by choosing organically grown and harvested teas.

Enjoy brewing and let me know what you think!

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