My September Intentions Are Here!

Hey hey!  It’s that time again, INTENTION SETTING TIME!  Where the heck did August go?  I don’t know about you, but I felt like it flew by!  Despite feeling lousy most days of the month, the days rolled on by and I was able to enjoy some of August.

While this hasn’t been a typical summer for me due to my health concerns and ailments, the warm weather and sunshine still managed to brighten my spirits.  I simply wish the summer season wouldn’t race by so quickly because it’s this time of year when I usually feel my best.  I love being outdoors, soaking in the sun (with SPF 50+ on, of course!), taking trips to the beach, going for long runs, playing in the water, and smelling all the sweet smells that come with the season (BBQ, flowers, salty air, sunblock, mowed grass, etc.).

This summer was drastically different.  More days and nights than I care to remember, I was writhing in pain from migraines, joint aches, numbness/tingling in my toes and fingers, plagued with fluttering/popping/ringing in my ears, and losing sleep due to increasing insomnia.  To say I have been irritable is an understatement.  And then it becomes a vicious internal struggle because I am feeling alone with my symptoms, I’m lacking sleep (right now I’m averaging about 4 hours/night), and I absolutely hate being irritable because my normal nature is to be easy-going and compassionate.

All parts of me have been challenged this summer and I feel like something has to give!  I keep reminding myself that sometimes one must have dark times to cherish the lighter times.  I keep trying to convince myself that my body is going through this for a reason and once I get to the other side of it, I will feel better than ever!!  (Now accepting any positive vibes coming my way!)

Creating my September intentions was easy yet difficult at the same time.  I have SO many things in my life that I want to put my focus towards, but I feel like now, more than ever, I need that focus to be on myself.  I need to heal and get better before I can put my focus on others 100%.  Ya feel me?

As I was creating my list, I weeded out a few intentions that naturally crossed my heart just to keep my list short and manageable.  For me, having five intentions seems doable although I really wanted to list more. So without further ado, let’s dig into them….

Intentions and a healthy smoothie = PERFECTION.


  1. Putting away my phone by 8pm is my goal this month.  Usually, I crawl into bed with the TV on all the while, I am reading or playing a mindless game on my phone.  So TV+phone at the same=stimulation overload.  Instead, I am going to detach from my phone (Argh, this could be hard! Phone addiction is real, ya’ll!).  Honoring intention #3 and #5, this change will allow me to shift my focus in a healthy way.  Also, while I have been doing this for about a month now, I will continue to turn my phone to airplane mode while I sleep.  Currently, I keep my phone on my bedside table as my clock (this insomniac needs to see what time she’s waking up throughout the night), but in the future, I want to do away with this altogether and leave it downstairs.  Why? I’m trying to reduce my EMF exposure particularly when my brain and body need to settle down and sleep.  I will be blogging about this topic in the coming weeks – stay tuned!
  2. Need I say more on this one?  IT feels like every day is a gamble in my body. Last week, I had two back-to-back days of feeling pretty darn good!  Then, sadly, my body returned to its state of discomfort and dis-ease.  So, I’m trying to keep my mental health in check by reminding myself that some days will be good and others won’t be as good.  I should count my blessings for what I AM able to do while I go on this journey.  Having these positive affirmations is something I believe in strongly for everyone’s wellbeing.
  3. I’m already on my way with this intention, so I fully intend to complete it in the next week or so (especially if I put down my friggin’ phone at night).  Seriously, phones are such a trap!  I can’t wait to share what book I am reading and what I am gleaning from its contents.  You guessed it, another wellness-based book in an area that I have been wanting to learn about!  Subscribe to my blog on the main page to get email notifications when I post a new entry so you can hear all about it!
  4. Thanks to my functional medicine doc, he reminded me how important it is to move my body and to SWEAT, BABY, SWEAT!  Currently my body isn’t up for intense workouts that will have me sweating, so I am using hot baths, saunas (my first infrared sauna session is tomorrow.  You can be sure I will be blogging about that experience and posting about it on my Instagram).  Because my body seems to sluggishly dispose of toxins these days, sweating forces my body to excrete these nasties out taking a little bit of the load off of my kidneys and liver.  After all, the skin is the largest organ on our bodies, so why not encourage it to help out?!  For exercise, I have been making conscious efforts to take walks, stretch, do yoga, etc. just to keep my blood circulating.  Our bodies are designed to MOVE!!
  5. Have you figured out your Human Design?  If not, read my blog post about it here.  I’m not accustomed to “waiting for an invitation” but I am going to try it on this month and see what happens.  I am also going to embrace all the traits of being a Projector this month without any guilt or shame.  Yes, it’s an experiment of sorts, but hey, that’s what Projectors do!! 😉

So there you have it, my month’s intentions.  What do you think?  Have you created YOUR intentions this month? Comment below and let me know what you have cooking!  Happy intention setting!!

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