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Alright, by now if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have the highly sensitive person trait, but did you know that I’m also a Projector?  That’s right!  According to my Human Design chart, I am a projector, which makes complete sense to me after learning about this personality type.

I don’t know about you, but I find these things fascinating and fun! I was always the girl riffling through a Sunday newspaper just to read the horoscope section! I’m sure some people don’t put much stock in an astrological chart, but when the descriptions line up so accurately to describe my personality, how can I not be intrigued?

You’re probably wondering, what is Human Design?  I had never heard of it until a few months ago when I heard Jenna Zoe, a Human Design specialist, discuss her work on a podcast that I tune into regularly.

Immediately following the podcast, I wanted to know more, so I dove in deep and learned everything I could about my personality type.  Well, everything I could understand without an expert giving me all the nitty gritty details.  The charts are quite intricate!

The Basics of Human Design

First, let’s discuss what Human Design is.  Basically, everyone has an aura and your astrological makeup has a type, so put these together and you have your individual human design.  Jenna described Human Design as “the contract your soul made with the Universe about who you are meant to be, what you came to accomplish, and what karma you came to correct in this lifetime.”

Knowing your human design allows you to align to exactly who you are in this lifetime.  The best thing we can do for ourselves is honor our authentic, REAL selves, but how many of us actually allow ourselves to live and do everything according to our own rules, intuition, and soul-guided values.

Now that I know my human design, so much makes sense as to why I am perceived the way I am, how I perceive others, how I view the career-driven world we live in, etc.  Ahhhh, it’s so cool! Check this out….

What is your human design?

I’m a Projector, What Are You?

So, I am a 3/5 split Projector with Splenic authority.  I know, say what? What does that even mean?? The truth is, I totally need someone like Jenna Zoe to give me the full, in-depth interpretation of my chart because there are sooooo many details that I haven’t learned, but here are the basics that I know.  I am a projector.

A projector is a non-energy type which means that I do not make my own energy.  Projectors make up about 20% of the population in this world (sound a lot like being HSP?).  Projectors are not put on this planet “to do” and to work.  We make great guides and are here to help the other human design types, particularly Generators. Weirdly enough, I am married to a Generator!

Projectors are here to recognize potential in others and, energetically, we are very focused and absorb energy in a deep way.  One tricky part of being a projector is that we need to wait to be invited for everything.

I struggle with this because I often see a problem or solution before someone else might and I want to show others a way that might be helpful to them, but unless the other person invites me to impart my thoughts, feelings, and advice, I am often rejected, judged, or seen as intrusive.

This strategy of waiting for an invitation also applies to life in general.  If I, as a projector, try to make life happen in the way I think it should, I am often met with resistance which then leaves a projector with bitterness instead the ultimate goal: success.

The only time a projector can truly be successful is when they wait for an invitation and are recognized by others for their very unique potential.  Can you imagine how hard it is to wait?

By living in alignment to my type and strategy of waiting, I can experience great success in this lifetime. I live in a world that values “doing” and “making things happen”, so this is difficult to embrace because it’s entirely against my culture’s expectations and ideals. I feel a lot of pressure to be “doing” something and when I’m not, I feel judged or guilty for not meeting others’ expectations.

The Martyr and the Heretic

I find it hilarious and yet soooooo fitting, that as a 3/5 projector with splenic authority, it is typical for this type to take what I learn from experiences and use that knowledge to project change and truth to the rest of the world.  (That is SOOOOO me to the um-teenth degree).

I constantly want to share what I have learned to help others, but so often, I get frustrated because others just aren’t on the same page as me.  In other words, they aren’t ready for my knowledge – they haven’t invited me.  Now the 3/5 split means I embody the Martyr and Heretic profiles.  Let’s break that down for ya.

I am driven to experiment with certain things or I put myself in situations so I can have an experience from which I extract truths and wisdom. This process has an inward or self focus.

As my type goes through it, we are constantly internalizing what is revealed and how this impacts us.  After synthesizing the impact, we then share the results with world or at least our local community. (Hello blogging!) However, because society judges some experiments as failures, part of my profile carries the moniker of Martyr.

The heretic aspect of my profile is the part where I take my learnings and believe that others should change their behavior or ways to benefit from what I have learned and found to be the truth.

This part of me wants to change the world for the better, particularly in the behaviors of others.  This projection usually carries a “I know this is right” absoluteness to it, but unless this energy is invited, it can be met with resistance and other negative feelings.

People don’t want to change unless they are ready for it.  Until people are able to recognize the wisdom of a 3/5 Projector, this type usually feels ignored or rejected.

So What Does That Mean For Me?

What I found out is that the 3/5 profile can be one of the most difficult profiles to feel at harmony with the rest of humanity.  Between our projections not always being invited and our experiments being judged, it is pretty common for this person to withdraw from society to get away from it.

But on the flip side, because this type desperately wants to help the world change for the better, it will keep trying.  So you can see the push-and-pull conflict happening, right?  This completely describes my relationship with the world.

Hierarchy of Personality Types

Another fun fact is that projectors are at the top of the human design hierachy, which I found fascinating because I assumed an energy-producing type like a Manifestor or Generator would rank higher. Here is why the projector is at the top:

1) We recognize energy types easily with our penetrating auras

2) We recognize talents and can guide them to their best uses (if allowed and invited to do so)

3) We are natural harmony makers.  We know the right combination of types to bring together to accomplish a task.  You totally want a projector as a leader of your team!

4) We are able to “see through” people and know them better than they know themselves which helps us guide them (if invited to do so)

5) We aren’t here for everyone. Although we have wisdom that can help everyone, only those who ask us for our wisdom will ultimately be helped.

What Do Projectors Do For Work?

For projectors, a typical 9-5 job is simply not ideal.  In fact, it’s exhausting! When forced into working these type of hours, projectors often feel bitter.  Projectors can be hard workers and sometimes don’t know when to quit because they can have sharp focus when their energy is at its peak.

Because of these traits, projectors have to find creative outlets that are very intentional.  Many times, projectors become specialists or masters of a skill but they need many breaks throughout the day and plenty of alone time to sustain their work.  Being around other’s auric fields can become difficult and we, as projectors, need to discharge others energy frequently.

We also are the “lifelong learner” type.  We do best when we’re learning new things and applying our focus towards mastering new material.  Again, this totally sounds like me!  I looooove learning new things that I’m interested in and I prefer having in-depth knowledge about a topic instead of knowing a little about a lot of things.

And recently, I purposely started a blog because I love working alone and having a flexible schedule to apply my focus and energy, and I love sharing my experiences and knowledge with others in hopes that people can benefit from the wisdom I have gained.  Blogging seems like the perfect career for me (with a side job of walking dogs of course….I looooove animals!).

That said, I also loved my previous career of being a counselor.  I had a great relationship with the students and parents I worked with and it mostly allowed people to seek me out because they were looking for help and guidance.

It also was a field where I sought intense knowledge and understanding so that I could apply concepts, experiences, and intrinsic knowing to situations that arose in efforts to help others evolve.  Now that I’m realizing characteristics of my human design, counseling really is a good fit for me too!

A Projector’s Sleep Profile

One of my favorite things to do is sleep, although my insomnia these days isn’t allowing me to have as much sleep as I want and need.  For a projector, having insomnia can be particularly problematic because sleep is necessary for our non-energy beings.

When it comes to sleep, projectors are best sleeping alone.  (Definitely my preference!) Sleeping is a time when the projector can discharge all of the auric energy from others that they have absorbed throughout the day.  It’s actually best for us to lie down and rest before we are even tired.

This is something I wish I did a better job doing.  I have gotten away from my quiet evenings of reading before bed, and now I’m thinking I should exchange watching tv for reading to slow my body and mind down. (I feel a September intention being formed here…stay tuned for that post in the next few days!)

How Should a Projector Eat?

Finally, a projector’s relationship with food is important to note too and boy does this resinate with me! As projectors, we have energetically sensitive systems (um, this is my life!); we can’t ‘get away’ with indulgences the way most people can because it affects our vibration too much. Overeating or binging costs us dearly (emotionally and spiritually).

Projectors do best with small meals through the day, eating mostly food that is prepared on the spot.  I wonder if this is why I prefer raw, vegan food over most anything else?  It’s fresh, from the Earth, and easy to prepare.  Projectors overeat when they feel other people around them desiring food and we mistake it for our own desire (so interesting, right?!).

This totally happens to me when I’m surrounded by others especially at a social gathering.  I might not be hungry at all, but I eat as if I ‘need’ to.  So now my challenge is to try and separate that external food noise and recognize that it is not me.

This is so helpful for me to be mindful of when I have the urge to binge eat, which happens more often than I would like to admit.  Simply knowing that binging will throw off my entire energetic vibration is enough for me to pause and think about it before diving into that bag of M&Ms.

The Projector in Summary

So there ya have it, the abridged version of my personality type: THE PROJECTOR.  Now, while this post was all about my type, it’s important to learn about the other types too because you’re interacting with them every day!

It’s super helpful to have this insight because it allows you to have more compassion for social interactions, different personality “needs”, and individual roadblocks that might be prohibiting you from reaching your fullest potential!

If you’re intrigued and want to learn about your own human design type, you’ll need to know:  where you were born, exact time you were born, and your birth date.  Then, head over to to plug in your information and find out what your Human Design type is!

You could also book an appointment with Jenna Zoe, but I’m pretty sure she’s booked through part of 2019.  Worth a look if you’re interested!

Comment below and let me know what you’ve discovered about your own Human Design, I can’t wait to hear!  Happy discovering!

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