Kindness ROCKS!

Every year, my husband and I spend two days on Martha’s Vineyard, MA thanks to a work event he participates in on the island.  I am the lucky wife who gets to tag along and have a night off from parenting while my little one stays with his grandparents.  All of you parents out there know exactly what feeling I am talking about when you’re given a “kid-free” night once in a while.  It is BLISS.  For me, I love my son beyond what words can express, but I relish any opportunity to have “me” time to recharge and just have some quiet (and to write too since I LOOOOOOVE blogging).

Here are the highlights of my quick trip to the island:

  1. A delicious gluten-free, vegetarian black bean burger on a sweet potato bun from The Newes from America restaurant in Edgartown.  While I’m sure this burger would have tasted just fine any other day, it seemed like the level of tastiness was so much higher as I sat outside in the sunshine watching people pass by. Everything just seemed heightened, maybe because I was in a pure state of happiness.
  2. I was able to curl up on my hotel bed and blog my heart out!  I rarely get an hour to myself these days due to parenting and spousing (ha!), so when I have several hours to write, my heart sings!  I love blogging and even though this is a completely new endeavor to me filled with challenges and endless questions (the techy part of myself needs A LOT of educating), I am really enjoying it.  Needless to say, Saturday night for this HSP couldn’t have played out any better!
  3. Then on Sunday, my husband and I ventured to one of the local beaches for a little while.  As we laid on the sand, he asked if I wanted to take a walk down the beach and around the pier.  From where we were, we couldn’t see where the beach led, so we decided to walk and find out.  This must have been a message from the universe and a nudge from my angels because people who know me know that I don’t really love strolling on beaches, but I decided to go this time.  To our surprise, we stumbled upon an amazing find!  A Kindness Rocks Project!  As we walked closer, we saw tons of rocks piled up, each with personalized sayings, initials, drawings, or whatever the artist decided to contribute.  There was even a plastic tote with paint and markers left at the site encouraging everyone who passed by to leave their words of kindness.  What a great idea!  So, we picked up a rock that spoke to us and then wrote what we wanted to impart on those who would stumble upon the rock pile as well.

As I reflected on the day and thought about the kindness rocks, I thought, “This is something easy that ANYONE could start ANYWHERE in the world.”  Imagine if more people took time to initiate creative acts of kindness like this.  Perhaps the next place I vacation, I will start a kindness project there.

Perhaps the next place YOU travel, you could start a kindness project.  If you do, be sure to tell me where you started it and we can spread kindness together!

The trip was brief but it was wonderful.  If you ever have a chance to visit Martha’s Vineyard, I highly recommend it.  Reach out and let me know what you would write on YOUR rock!

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