It’s the Pits!

Hello friends!  Today’s post is something that is new in my life but something I am quickly becoming fond of…replacing chemical-laden products with non-toxic versions.  Have you made the switch yet?  If not, what’s holding you back?

It wasn’t until I got my tests back from my functional medicine doctor indicating that my body was overloaded with toxins and some pretty scary chemicals that I clearly got the message that I needed to make some serious lifestyle changes.  Like, SERIOUS.  It’s not that I hadn’t heard about “natural”, “organic”, or “chemical free” products, I just never truly listened.

I was aware that some of these products existed, but I think I was still in a place of comfort and convenience buying my tried-and-true products at the local grocery store or drugstore.  I had coupons for those products too and I find something so gratifying about clipping and using coupons!

And, if I’m being honest, I didn’t want to fall into that “Earthy-Crunchy” stereotype, although now, I am starting to admire those people who value the ‘natural fruit of the Earth’.  I’m becoming one and loving it!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post about going chemical free (read it here), I made several product changes in my house in an effort to reduce my toxic load.

One of the first changes I made was finding an aluminum-free, non-toxic deodorant to use.  You might be wondering why this is such an important product to be mindful about, so let me tell ya!

The skin on our bodies is our largest organ and it’s pretty miraculous when you stop to think about all the functions it serves.  It soaks in minerals and vitamins that we need to thrive, it excretes and sweats out toxins that are harmful to our internal systems, it protects our bodies by acting as a barrier, and it regulates aspects of our physiology such as temperature.

When we apply an antiperspirant to our underarms (or wherever you choose to apply it to), you are denying your body the ability to sweat.  The aluminum salts plug our sweat glands and thus, your body struggles to carry out its natural process of eliminating toxins.

Aluminum is a known neurotoxin. A neurotoxin is a poison that affects our nervous system and can greatly affect how it functions.  Does that sound like something you want absorbed through your skin, especially in your arm pits which are so close to lymph nodes? NOT ME!!

Plus, knowing that aluminum has been linked to Alzheimers, cancer, and various other terrible afflictions, I simply don’t want to be exposing my body to it if I don’t absolutely need to.  Ya feel me?

Do Natural Deodorants Really Work?

So now you might be thinking, yeah, but I don’t want to STINK or smell like B.O.  I get it, neither do I and this was one of my worries too!  When I was in high school, I was a heavy sweater.  I think the term used for this is “hyperhydrosis” nowadays.

My armpits would sweat all day long and it became super embarrassing! I couldn’t get through a day without “pitting out” my shirt.  I finally talked to my pediatrician about it and he prescribed a special deodorant named Drysol which certainly did away with the sweat. This stuff was made with aluminum chloride hexahydrate – yikes!

Now knowing what I know, that sounds scary!  I stayed dry, dry, dry but at a cost.  This stuff was so freakin’ powerful, my underarms would literally get burned (that’s right, my skin would be red and burned) if I used too much too often.

Yikes, right!?  If it had that effect on the outside of my skin, what the heck was it doing once it was soaked in?

Luckily, I found myself not needing that special deodorant after a few years and I returned to using regular over-the-counter brands commonly found in drugstores.  I never looked at the ingredients, I only cared if it smelled nice and would, in turn, make me smell nice.

So, I definitely understand that concern of wanting to mask the smell we get when our body sweats and the bacteria interacts with the air and our skin.

Now that I’m learning about chemicals in products, I realize that deodorants with fragrances have so many synthetic ingredients that can be irritants and downright dangerous for our bodies.

I have made the leap into the natural, chemical-free world of beauty and health products.  I researched tons of non-toxic deodorant products and decided to give this one a try to see how I like it….

Finding a Natural Deodorant That Works

Introducing PRIMAL PIT PASTE!  When I received my sample deodorants in the mail, I was so excited to officially dive in and try them on!  The makers of Primal Pit Paste were generous enough to support my mission of going chemical free and offered to send me two samples of their deodorant.

To my delight, I had two varieties to try: charcoal and lavender.  Uh oh, I thought.  I don’t usually like the scent of lavender.  BUT, to my utter delight, I LOVED the smell of their lavender deodorant.  Love, love, LOVED!  It was light, fresh, and dare I say “earthy”.

Their deodorant came in a small little container accompanied with an application stick, which I ended up not using.  I just dipped my fingers in the container and took some of the paste out to rub into my armpits.  I didn’t need a lot to get the job done.

The same went for the charcoal one except I was a little concerned with its gray color.  How would this work?  I thought, “I can’t have gray stuff under my arms all day, especially in the summertime when I’m wearing sleeveless shirts!”  But, a few seconds after I applied it, my body soaked it in and it disappeared.  Good to go!

I was curious to see if this “paste” would keep my sweating at bay all day long in the hot summer months.  Drum roll please….. IT DID!  There were only a few days when I needed to reapply to make sure I had enough coverage, but on the average day, I didn’t even think about my armpits.  The Primal Pit Paste did the trick beautifully.

After my trial with this brand, I found myself favoring the lavender! I liked the deodorant so much, that I just ordered a multi-pack that the company offers of six different scents.  I can’t wait to try them and switch them up based on my mood (because that’s how this HSP rolls).  It’s like a new accessory that I look forward to wearing every day!

Primal Paste

What I love about this company is that they make their products chemical free, synthetic fragrance free, cruelty free, GMO free, paraben free, and preservative free!

If you’re not jazzed about dipping a wooden stick or your fingers into a paste, they also make their deodorants in a stick just like traditional brands.  Fear not!  I am really looking forward to trying more products from this company and sharing reviews with all of you.  Stay tuned for more non-toxic products to come!

Going Aluminum Free

In the meantime, here is what you should consider about going aluminum free:

  1. Look for deodorants to be made using essential oils and all natural ingredients.  (Hint: if you can’t  pronounce an ingredient, don’t buy it)
  2. Just because a product touts that it’s “natural”, do your research!  Use this website and go to their Skin Deep section to see how toxic your product might be.
  3. Every body is different.  Your journey to finding the perfect non-toxic deodorant may be trial-and-error.  Don’t give up, keep trying until you find a brand that suits you!

So? Are you ready to ditch your toxic deodorant for a more natural, gentle kind?  Don’t let the fears I had be your excuse for why you don’t try a chemical-free brand.

Put your health first and let your peace of mind take over.  You’re doing right by your body and it will thank you tenfold.  I hope you come back and read more about products I am discovering that only promote health and healing, not hinder it.

In the meantime, go check out the Primal Pit Paste company! Happy shopping!

* Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. Please understand that I have experienced all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something through my links. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.
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