Is Your Filtered Water Safe to Drink?

Hey everyone! For two decades, I used a Brita pitcher filter that I kept in my refrigerator. The water tasted clean, looked pure, and it brought me peace of mind that it was “filtered”.

Honestly, for all of those years, I was filtering water without much knowledge about what it was actually doing for me. I simply thought it must be better than tap water. Who really knows what’s in our tap water, right?

But the truth is, I never took time to learn what the filter was or was not capable of filtering.

Do You Know What is In Your Water?

I never stopped to think of all the things that make their way into my water supply. Most of our tap and well water supplies are dirtied with substances such as: pesticides, cleaners, countless chemicals, nitrates, and drugs not to mention the copious forms of bacteria and viruses.

If you’re like me you probably put a lot of confidence into our country’s water systems or possibly turned your eye or ear to reports mentioning the horrible conditions of our water sources (oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, etc.).

I kn0w our country uses fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, etc. but I never let that knowledge stop me from drinking our water. I guess I didn’t want to face reality that those toxins show up in my food and water every single day.

Where Does Your Water Come From?

It’s important to know where your water is coming from. If you have a private well, you should have a state-certified lab test the water once a year.

It’s especially important to have your water supplies tested if someone in your home becomes pregnant, becomes sick, or if the water takes on a different appearance.

If you have a public water supply like I do, it is required to pass EPA standards. You should always request a report of your home’s water supply tests. You have a right to them.

What is Lurking in Your Water?

Most carbon style filters, like the Brita I owned, are marketed for improving taste, odor, and appearance of the water. Little did I know, they barely remove contaminants that could really be harming your health!

This past year, I learned through testing that my body has been inundated with chemicals, bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens and toxins. While it’s impossible to know exactly how I came into contact with these things, a common source is through water sources (drinking, bathing, etc). YUCK!

I never stopped to think that the water I was drinking might be contaminated with gasoline additives, cleaning agents, prescription drugs, etc.

Those aren’t things I want in my body, do you?

On top of that, I never considered that showering with the same water source was exposing my body to even more of those contaminants.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and every time you shower, take a bath, or wash your hands, your skin is absorbing the water’s contents.

It wasn’t until this past year when my health took a rapid downward turn that I started considering all the ways I was harming my health. Yes, I had control over some of these things. Learning that my body wasn’t detoxing all of these toxins, neurotoxins, and pathogens was a wake up call.

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

I immediately purchased a Berkey water filtration system because this is the powerhouse of filters!

Berkey was hands down the one I wanted after researching water filters to fit my household’s needs. It far surpasses others in that it removes 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

But wait, there’s more…

The Berkey can filter water from all sorts of sources: stagnant ponds, public systems, streams, etc. It does a great job of purifying water. Berkey’s remove pesticides, gasoline, arsenic, volatile organic compounds, pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, micro-organisms like e.Coli, chloride, and much much more.

Not only do I want the purest water for my own health, now that I have a family to take care of, I am motivated to provide a clean drinking source for them too.

The Power of the Berkey

I have had a Berkey drinking water filter now for about five months and I am so glad I made the investment. The water tastes great and I have peace of mind that what I am drinking is free of contaminants.

I also purchased the shower filter, which performs well too. While I wish Berkey made a full bathroom filter so that I could take a bath with clean water, as of now, they only make the shower head filter.

Is Your Shower Water Pure? Use a filter!

Take it to Go

Recently, I also got a Berkey sport water bottle, which uses the same type of filter as their bigger drinking units. Now, whenever I am traveling or using water from places I am unsure of, I can fill up my personal water bottle and drink completely pure water free of worry!

The water bottle definitely takes some mouth power as its hard to suck through the straw, but that’s because you’re literally sucking the water through the filter making sure contaminants don’t make it into your mouth. For me, the peace of mind and health benefits are totally worth the effort.

Let the Berkey Sport bottle filter your water no matter where you are!

If you’re someone who travels or enjoys camping, having one of these is a great asset. You have something portable to take with you and you can literally drink water from any source without the worry of contracting something that could harm your health.

I will be traveling in the coming months and you better believe my water bottle is coming everywhere with me. I look forward to taking it on all of my adventures!

What Are You Drinking?

So the question is, are you drinking worry-free water? If you drink water from a carbon filter device like a Brita or even from your refrigerator’s door, I sincerely hope you think twice about what you’re ingesting. Knowledge is power and now that you know, you can make healthy choices for you and your family.

From my glass of purified water to yours….CHEERS!

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