Self Love Through Nutrition

How to Practice Self-Love Through Your Nutrition

Let’s talk about loving yourself through your food choices, shall we? Did you know that making healthy food choices is an act of self-love?

For years, I struggled with binge eating, which I now acknowledge as a form of abuse. It most certainly was not self-love.

I was not treating my body with love, care, and admiration. Instead, I was mindlessly filling it with harmful chemicals, additives, and processed junk. It wasn’t until my health really started to decline this past year that I paid more attention to what I was exposing my body to.

My journey with Breast Implant Illness really opened my eyes to how precious “feeling good” is, and I don’t ever want to take that for granted again. After learning about the crazy chemicals stuck in my body last year, I vowed to clean up my food choices even more than I thought I already had. 

Listen. Your Body Will Tell You.

I firmly believe that there is no diet that is perfect for every single person. I believe in bioindividuality and that goes for what foods best fuel your body. Every person is unique, so why would one diet fit all?

I’ve experimented with all types of food, and I have paid close attention to what makes me feel my best. I only restrict or eliminate foods and beverages that simply make me feel lousy.

And guess what?  What fuels my body best has changed over the years, and I expect it to continue to change as my body ages and evolves.

I have learned that it is absolutely acceptable to change your lifestyle to fit your body’s needs at any point in time.

Intuitive Eating? What’s That?

I am a proponent of a plant-heavy diet which means that I choose foods that organically come from our Earth (greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and seeds). Sometimes my body craves chicken or eggs, so I listen to that and honor it without judgment.

Some people call this intuitive eating. This method lets your body guide you in your decisions.  Simply listening to your body can be a beautiful self-care practice.

I have learned to let go of restrictive labels and those awful boxes I used to put myself in. While you might say hear me say, “I prefer vegan fare” or “I prefer plant based meals”, I don’t ever want to be affixed to a specific label. These are simply my current preferences.

Other people might judge me based on what they think I should be doing, but that’s their judgment, not my own. The truth is, bodies, environments, and people change.

So, I always want the right to listen to my body each and every day, and choose foods accordingly without feeling like I am breaking some sort of self-appointed rule.

Now It’s Your Turn

So this month, I encourage you to evaluate what you’re choosing to put in your body nutritionally. Are you choosing foods that elevate you and leave you feeling energized? Or do you tend to feel sluggish and tired after eating?

Paying attention to how your body reacts to your food choices is very wise. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and will always tell you what they need if you listen and pay attention with heightened awareness.

Honor Your Body

Choosing organic, unprocessed, and healing foods and spices is an incredible form of self-love and self-care. Think about how much your body does for you on a daily basis and then reflect on whether you’re returning the favor to your body.

Are you treating it well? Are you nurturing it the way you know you should?

The Sensitive Soul’s Advice

What I will advise you NOT to do is follow fad diets. Your intuition is so much more knowledgeable than the billion dollar industry telling you what you should and should not eat to lose weight and feel your best. There is a reason this industry continues to grow.

People are looking outward for answers instead of inward. We’re inundated with confusing, conflicting viewpoints on what is BEST for our health and wellbeing.

Magazine covers, news stories, social media feeds, commercials, best-selling books, you name it! We are being flooded with “sure ways” to lose weight and get healthy.

But if these things really worked, wouldn’t we all be at our fittest, goal weight?

The Honest Truth

The truth is, you already know. You really do!

You don’t need these sources to tell you! If you’re really lost and having a hard time listening to your intuition, seek help from a licensed or certified dietician or nutritionist and start there.

Learn about your own bioindividuality and then customize your self-care routine and nutrition around what you know to be true for you.

As you choose healing, healthy foods you are automatically exercising self-love! How beautiful is that? Self-love does not have to be this far off goal. It can happen today, right now in fact!

 Where to Get Started

To make healthy living really easy and convenient, one of my favorite online markets to purchase items is Thrive Market. Whatever your nutritional choices are, you can find items that fit your needs here.

For me, I need gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic food to feel my best so I shop at Thrive Market. They have so many great options for less than shopping at specialty stores such as Whole Foods.

Check it out and get ready to be wowed by the choices and the prices! (You can get 25% off your first order using my link!)

Need an affordable and convenient way to eat healthy?

So my sensitive souls, I really hope you make a concerted effort this month to really pay attention to your body. Choose self-love through your nutritional choices.

Let the food you put in your body nourish you each and every day. As I always say, food is thy medicine.

Happy self-love, everyone!

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