7 Ways to Make Time to Meditate

How to Make Time in Your Day to Meditate

As this month’s self-love series kicks off, I wanted to start with one of my favorite self-care practices: meditation. I will be the first to admit that my daily meditation practice has fallen to the wayside several times throughout this past year, but what I love is that it’s never too late to jump right back into it.

As you practice self-love, it’s important to designate time all to yourself. Most of us want to give ourselves more time, but we simply don’t allow for it. Better yet, we don’t plan for it.

I’m like you! I know, life gets very busy and schedules are constantly being rearranged making it very hard to find pockets of time to spend on yourself. I get it!

Trust me, as a mother to a three year old boy who always wants his mama’s attention, I have fallen into this rut. I enter my day with grand plans of taking ten minutes to completely silence my life and focus on my breathing (yep, that’s meditation for ya!). Often times, those ten minutes become a figment of my imagination.

Before I know it, the day is nearing its end. It’s time to prepare meals for the family, get my son into bed, spend time with my husband, and then fall asleep. The day goes by so quickly and then, whoops, I forgot to meditate. AGAIN.

So how can we ensure that we make the time in our day to practice this beautiful self-care ritual?

The solution is pretty simple, actually. There are several ways to ensure you get time to meditate. Let’s take a look…

7 Ways to Make Time to Meditate Every Day

  • Wake up earlier than your family does and allow 10 minutes of meditation to start your day. No excuses, no interruptions, just peace and quiet.
  • Set an alarm on your phone to stop you in the middle of your work day (obviously at a time that makes sense). Maybe you take the first 10 minutes of your lunch break and meditate. When your alarm goes off, stop what you are doing without making excuses and MEDITATE.
  • If you’re waiting somewhere for something, instead of staring at your phone, sending texts, reading emails, MEDITATE. Find this pocket of time and use it!
  • To unwind from your day, set your alarm for 10 minutes and meditate before closing your eyes for bedtime.
    • If anything, it will help relax your body and mind and produce a better quality night’s sleep!
  • Meditate while driving or walking. Yes, you can meditate and still stay alert. You don’t close your eyes, but you simply focus all of your attention on your breath. Nice, long, deep breaths.
    • Be sure to silence your phone, the radio, or any distractions during this time. Just breathe.
  • Find time to meditate while in the shower. I’m assuming most of us shower each day, so take a few minutes during your shower to close your eyes and notice all the sensations happening around and within your body. Then draw your attention to your breath. Just breathe.
  • Instead of listening to your favorite podcast, download a meditation app and listen to that instead for 10 minutes each day.
    • Apps I like: Insight Timer, Omvana, Calm, and Headspace.
    • Another way of doing this is to visit Deepak Chopra’s site and sign up for his free meditation challenges.

No More Excuses

So there you have it, a few excuse-less ways to make sure you meditate each and every day! Once you make a habit out of meditating, you’ll notice that you find yourself craving more meditation time. Trust me, it’s pretty cool!

If you can adopt one of these strategies from above, I really think you’ve got a good shot at making this self-care practice a daily habit!

Give yourself the space and time to simply BE. This is one of the greatest self-care and self-love practices out there. The best part? It’s free!!

If you’re looking for some sample meditations, please check out my Sensitive Soul Meditation post in the archives. It will guide you on how to properly set yourself up to meditate and it will also provide you with affirmations and mantras if you prefer having a focus during your meditation.

7 Ways to Make Time to Meditate

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