Welcome to the Blogosphere!

I’m here!  I finally took the leap of faith to put myself out there and share my journey with all of you. Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I always have rich inner dialogues within myself and I prefer to have those types of dialogues with others, so here I am creating a space to do just that!

On this blog, I will talk about my lifestyle, my health and wellness journey that evolves every single day, my travels, and my developing self-care and spiritual practices.  Oh, and did I mention, it will all be through the lens of a HSP?  You’ll hear more about this in future posts.

Highly Sensitive Person? What’s That?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term Highly Sensitive Person, you’re not alone.  Most people “think” they know what that means, but often times, it is a personality trait that is misunderstood.

I can’t wait to share my story and my journey with you so we can all embrace exactly who we are and who we are becoming. Life is all about evolving, right?

I’m not asking you to agree with everything I say, but I’m asking that you read this blog to gain a little insight into the life of a typical HSP woman (mother, friend, spouse, daughter, etc).

Let’s Keep it Real

I want to write real stuff that inspires people and makes people think. If I can ignite even the smallest spark inside of you to do something you’re curious about or to take better care of yourself, or even if I can just make you smile or laugh, then this will all be worthwhile.

Y’ALL READY? Because I am. This is going to be fun. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now so here I am.  If you’ve read my first entry, I already love you and look forward to sharing more with you.

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