Healing Cancer Naturally: A Review of Chris Beat Cancer.

Have you ever wondered if cancer could be healed without having to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments?  What if you found out a possible cure was right at your fingertips on a daily basis? Can cancer be healed naturally?

Cancer.  For me, it’s the dreaded C-word.  The thought of cancer scares me….A LOT.  I’ve lost family members and friends to various forms of cancer.  I’ve seen other loved ones battle through grueling treatments or surgeries all in attempts to save their lives. 

Just the other day, I was diagnosed with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.  At my yearly skin screening, my dermatologist didn’t like the appearance of a spot on my shoulder that I had previously pointed out to her.  

She wasn’t convinced it was something bad, she even thought perhaps it was just a dark sun spot. To be safe, she biopsied it. But, nope.  It came back as Stage 0 melanoma in situ.  

I just learned that I have melanoma.

The Silver Lining?

Luckily, if I were to have melanoma, this is the kind to get.  We caught it early so it hadn’t spread and it was affecting only the top layer of my skin.  The prognosis is very good actually, so I’m relieved.  

When I heard the news, I immediately broke down into tears.  My body was already heavily into recovery from my breast explant capsulectomy surgery and from my MOHs surgery, so the last thing I wanted was ANOTHER procedure.

I felt like my body was failing me. Alas, this was too important to wait and ignore, so a week from the diagnosis, I was sitting in the doctor’s chair having an excision on my back.  

The procedure was relatively quick and before I knew it, I was all stitched up and bandaged.  In about a week, I will hear if they were successful in getting all of the cancer.  The surgeon seemed pretty optimistic that I wouldn’t need to return for further treatment.  Fingers crossed.

All bandaged up from my melanoma excision surgery.
All patched up and ready to heal.

Given everything I have been through this year, the word “healing” has a very special meaning to me.  I am beyond interested in learning about different healing modalities and sharing them with you!

I’m grateful that my body is such a miraculous mechanism and that it has full capacity of healing. But healing doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen without me being an active participant.  It requires full ownership and accountability.

As you’ve heard me say throughout this blog, I truly believe that food is thy medicine (among other things).  I believe that food is one of the most powerful healing agents on this planet….IF you’re eating foods that have healing properties! So, without a doubt, nutrition is a key component of my healing protocol.

Can Cancer Be Cured Holistically?

Recently, I learned of a very inspirational man and his story about beating Stage 3 colon cancer.  That man is Chris Wark.  At the age of 26, he was diagnosed with colon cancer, which naturally, scared the crap out of him.  

His story began with his diagnosis, but his life really began when he took his healing into his own hands.

There was something in Chris’ intuition and faith that led him to choose the path less traveled.  After an initial surgery to address the cancer, he opted not to undergo chemo and radiation despite his medical team’s recommendation.

Instead, he wanted to research alternative therapies and less “toxic” ways to heal.  He put his faith in God and started down a courageous path toward healing.  His book, Chris Beats Cancer, details his journey, what he learned about conventional treatments, and how he BEAT CANCER through holistic modalities such as: nutrition, exercise, self-help, and self-care.  

Chris Beat Cancer
Grab Your Copy Today!!

As I read Chris Beats Cancer, Chris’s approach to healing resonated with me on every level.  He addressed eating an anti-cancer diet, cleaning up the emotional clutter in our lives, giving our bodies essential exercise and rest, changing our environments, developing our faith in the Divine and fine-tuning our mental scripts that we probably don’t give much attention to on a daily basis.  

Everything was holistic.  All of it was ON US to do the healing.  There isn’t a magic pill.  Instead, it takes action on our part to make changes in our environment and in our lifestyles.  As you can imagine, that can be hard work!

His book reminded me that the changes I’ve started implementing in my life this year are completely worth it and they’re for good reason. I have to wonder if God placed Chris’ story in my life to reinforce that I was on the right path.  The timing sure was perfect.

I want to be healthy.  I want to feel well!  Removing toxins from my environment and leaning back towards a plant-based diet were my first steps.  

Then, I adopted many new self-care practices this year that have absolutely made a difference in my healing process.  But there is more work to be done.

One major part of healing, according to Chris Beats Cancer, is addressing the emotional clutter that resides inside of us.  Chris gives suggestions in his book for how to remove resentment, anger, and hurt from your body so that you can truly live in peace.  The activities that he provided are ones that I definitely need to take time to do.  

As he said, this step is probably the hardest part of the healing process.  I mean, who wants to look back at the hurtful moments of our lives?  It’s easier to curse the ones that have wronged us than actually forgive them and let go.  But if we don’t address those hurts or even put a spotlight on them, they will linger and only fester.  Festering will likely lead to illness.  

I find myself hesitating to sit down and take this step, but there is something deep inside of me that knows the power of this practice.  I know that if I want full healing, this is something I need to muster up the courage to do for myself.  Not for anyone else, just myself.

Reading Chris Beat Cancer

So, my healing journey is well under way.  Thanks to all the influences that have crossed my path, including Chris Wark’s book, my resolve to return to true wellness is stronger than ever.

I am learning that life is a giant experiment and if I really want to find the “truth”, I need to be willing to look but more importantly, to listen.  Listen to my intuition first and foremost, and listen to others who have truths to share as well.

Give Yourself the Gift of This Book

I absolutely recommend that you buy Chris Beats Cancer and read his story. Whether you want to steer clear of cancer, currently have cancer, or know someone who is afflicted, this book is a terrific, inspirational resource!

Learn about his step-by-step healing protocol that helped him beat cancer and stay cancer-free!  You can also check out his website (www.chrisbeatcancer.com) for additional resources, testimonies, and how-to videos straight from Chris. 

Now, to be clear, I am not anti-chemo or anti-doctor.  Just like Chris says, I am pro-health and pro-healing in whatever form feels right for you!

I love that Chris shares his approach to healing cancer as a form of education and inspiration.  Inform yourself, then make decisions based on all the facts, anecdotal experiences, and your own personal beliefs.

I do believe that every individual is different and that no path is exactly alike, but what is universal is our ability to connect with our Source and listen to our intuition.  

I’m thankful for Chris’ courage and his desire to share what worked for him.  I hope you pick up a copy of his book and enjoy it too!

Happy health, everyone! xoxo

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