HEAL: The Documentary

Have you ever wondered if you were in control of your own destiny?

I started this blog less than a year ago chronicling my health journey and sharing all the things I was learning through the process. I was inspired to be vulnerable and 100% real with the hope that what I experienced and learned would help others.

Honestly, I felt like if I could help even just one person feel better, then my efforts would be worthwhile.

What I am learning through his journey is that we have the capacity to fully heal our own bodies, minds, and souls. I’m not fully healed yet, but I know I’m on the right path.

How do I know?

I believe it. It’s as simple as that. Something just intuitively feels like I am doing the right things for myself.

There Are No Such Things as Coincidences

Certain influences, sources, topics, people, and coincidences have shown up in my life that lead me to believe that I am learning exactly what I need to be learning in this lifetime.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe everything has a divine purpose and reason for crossing my path at the exact time it does. My job is to pay attention to what is presented.

Can We Really Heal Ourselves?

While I am not healed entirely yet (I will be giving a health update in the near future!), I feel much improved in so many ways. I have learned some amazing ways to better my own health and for that, I am thankful!

That brings me to the documentary currently on Netflix titled HEAL. If you haven’t watched it yet, YOU NEED TO! It’s everything (and I mean EVERYTHING I believe in).

The director, Kelly Noonan Gores, allows viewers to ponder the role our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, nutritional choices, environments, and spiritual selves play in our overall health and healing.

This documentary supports everything I have been blogging about thus far – WE are powerful, self-healing creatures! We have the ability to transform our health using holistic healing practices.

In HEAL, you will hear from scientists, spiritual leaders, doctors, and various other healers about their views on how the body can heal itself (and also how it can harm itself).

What might even be more powerful is the coverage of three people with high stakes healing journeys (think overcoming cancer!).

Hearing individuals’ stories was awe-inspiring and made me rethink parts of my own healing journey that needed attention. Particularly, the emotional and spiritual work that I still need to delve deeper into.

Different Paths, One Common Outcome

Each featured person had a different healing path, but notably, every single one of them involved getting in touch with thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that were trapped inside of them. Some emotions went back as far as early childhood.

As a counselor, I wholeheartedly believe in emotions and beliefs affecting our wellbeing. This spoke very clearly to me. In fact, it nagged at me a great deal too.

Ironically, the emotional healing aspect is the scariest part of my own journey even though that’s what I do as a profession. I help others discover and uncover emotions. I have seen (and experienced for myself) just how powerful and liberating releasing those feelings can be.

That’s where things can really get raw and our vulnerability is at its highest. So why are so many of us afraid to ‘do the work’?

We Are What We Believe

I’m leaving that question open ended for you to ponder without me inserting my personal opinion. Please think about that question. Why might you be afraid to ‘do the work’ when it comes to cleaning up emotional clutter in your life?

If an answer arises, I encourage you to sink into that answer and really stare it down. What is the absolute worst thing that can happen if you address deep emotions or unresolved conflicts?

Then consider, what is the absolute best thing that can happen if you acknowledge and release those feelings? Sit with that answer and FEEL it.

If better health, happiness, and healing can result from the temporary discomfort and pain of addressing tough feelings, I am willing to take the chance.

Sure, life might start to look and feel a little different after you deal with some of that internal ‘stuff’. Maybe that’s what we’re afraid of?

We don’t know how life will be without holding onto those feelings. Let’s face it, most humans aren’t keen on the unknown or change.

Start your healing journey

Challenge Accepted

After watching this documentary and challenging myself to take steps towards freeing some of my emotions, I feel like I am making strides towards further improvement in my overall wellbeing.

This will be a very interesting part of my journey spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I don’t expect it to be easy or clean. In fact, I anticipate a lot of resistance, unpredictable outcomes, and discomfort.

But, I look forward to sharing it with all of you and I hope you share your journey with me!

Go Check It Out

Be sure to check out HEAL on Netflix. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’d love for you to leave a comment about the documentary after you’ve watched it and have had time to process its content.

I hope it inspires you to look deeper within yourself and to make some lifestyle changes that can heal you and enhance your happiness.

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