Happy National Book Lover’s Day!

Well hello book lovers!  Today is National Book Lover’s Day so it’s only fitting that I take time to write about the most recent book I finished reading.  And, it happens to be one of the things on my August intentions list that I can happily say I succeeded in completing!  I’m actually pretty impressed that I was able to finish a book so early on in the month!  Being a mother doesn’t always leave much time for leisure reading, sadly, but I am making this a goal each month because it’s something that fills my heart and my mind with such happiness.  I love learning and turning inward!

In recent years, I’ve preferred reading books that have a spiritual slant or personal development theme to it.  This might change (because everything does) in coming months, but lately this is what I have gravitated towards!  I like expanding my mind and my belief systems or maybe more accurately, I like challenging them!  This genre of books allow me to do that inner soul-searching and personal inquiry that I find gratifying and very beneficial for my evolution.  Now, that’s not to say there isn’t a time for a breezy romance novel or chick-fic novel. I love those too, don’t get me wrong!  It’s no secret that I’m a Fifty Shades of Gray lovin’ type of girl!  Man, why did there only have to be three in that series?! Anyway, I digress…

I haven’t quite caught the electronic books wave and I’m not entirely sure if I ever will, but who knows. Never say never, right?  For me, there is something so special about holding a book in my hands, smelling the musty scent as I flip the pages, hearing the crinkling sound as the page turns, and enjoying the small pleasure of placing a bookmark between pages when I need to put the book down.  They are simple pleasures, but they are so desirable to me.  In addition, I loooooove going to libraries.  I love that books are free of cost, that I don’t have to spend money on something I might only read once, and I love the act of reserving a book and getting the notification that it’s ready for pick up.  Sure you might be laughing at the extra steps it takes to actually get the book when I could have simply downloaded it and started reading it almost instantly, but those extra steps bring me joy.  True joy.  Maybe it’s the HSP in me that loves the quiet space that a library provides?  That could be part of it too!

This Month’s Book

So without further ado, the book I chose to read this month was Michael Singer’s, The Untethered Soul.  This book popped up in several places in the past months and I kept it in the back of my mind as something that I should read.  Too many people were singing its praises and recommending it for a good read, that I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  Heck, if Oprah says she loved it, it had to be good, right?  So, it quickly went to the top of my “want to read” list that is steadily growing in length.  I believe in synchronicities and that things and people come into my life at just the right time, so there had to be a message in this book I was needing since it kept coming up in conversations.

Well, I have to say, I was underwhelmed with this book.  I read it in about three days and kept wanting to be moved by its contents.  There had to be a message of importance in there for me, I was convinced.  I kept reading and reading, but nothing was striking me as something transformative.  Maybe I had the wrong expectations for this book, I thought.  And perhaps I did.  Perhaps this book was just to confirm what I already knew, but needed reminding of.  There were two takeaways that I connected with in this book.


  1.  “Do you want to be happy or not?” The question is so simple, but it’s truly powerful.  All of us have every God-given right to be our happiest.  We were born worthy.  No one stole our worth from ourselves except thoughts (always untrue thoughts at that).  Our thoughts are the reason for any of our unhappiness.  Often they are rooted in fear and with fear, it’s almost impossible to be truly happy.  You can choose to believe your thoughts or not.  The choice is always yours! I think I needed this reminder in my life lately, especially with starting this blog.  I love writing this blog, but there has been that pervasive self-doubt creeping in trying to stifle the happiness I have been feeling around this adventure.  But you know what?  I WANT to be happy.  So blog on!
  2. “When you become truly spiritual, you are totally different from everybody else. That which everybody wants, you don’t want.  That which everybody else resists, you totally accept.”  Um, yes! This is often how I feel.  As I have grown in my spiritual practice and have developed my belief systems, I often feel like I can’t relate to others or vice versa.  For me, I feel so much more at peace with life.  I don’t have a need for drama.  I don’t desire to be in the company of negative energy.  I don’t have time or tolerance for petty crap and excuses.  So much has changed in how I view the world as I have spent time developing my spirituality.  And I am so glad it has even though at times it feels very isolating and confusing.  Why don’t others drop the dramas?

What Comes Next?

So, all in all, I would say that this book isn’t an overly memorable read for me, but it might be for you as it clearly is for many others!  Again, I think it comes down to what your soul and your spirit need at the time.  Personally, I think any conversation, piece of literature, music lyric, etc. that can make you turn inward and really get in touch with your soul is worthwhile.  Even if it’s to simply ask questions of yourself or gain clarity of a situation that has been on your mind, it’s worth it!  So there ya have it folks, my August reading intention has been realized!  I’m curious what book I will choose to read in September.  Will it be from my long list or something that falls into my lap serendipitously at just the right time?  Stay tuned to find out!  In the meantime, happy reading everyone!



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