For the love of SMOOTHIES!

Hey healthy friends!  So by now, you probably know that I’m a smoothie-lovin’ girl!  Like, OBSESSED. And if you didn’t already know that, it’s seriously true!

I seek out smoothies in practically every town I visit.  Smoothies and fresh juices are two things that totally bring me a sense of joy and overall wellbeing!

If I can’t make my own, I will research to find the closest restaurant where I can get one!  They offer whole nutrition in a way that is gentle and easy on my digestive system.  Not only are they convenient and portable, they’re delicious!

The Fun is in the Hunt

In my early days of choosing vegan/vegetarian cuisine, I felt overwhelmed and underprepared when traveling.  Then, to make it even more challenging, I needed to add in being gluten free as I learned what agreed and disagreed with my body.

Where would I find food that made me feel good?  I slowly found apps such as Happycow and Urban Spoon which made the hunt a bit easier, but I still felt overwhelmed.

Luckily, with more and more restaurants and companies getting on the healthy-living train, I am finding the task a little less frustrating.  There certainly are more options today than there were five years ago!

As I find healthy-living options, I love to share them with others…especially if they were exceptionally good! Lately, I have found a few places and services that I felt inclined to share with ya’ll!

Smoothies Anyone?

I recently found Bryn + Danes, a healthy fast food establishment in Pennsylvania.  Personally, I think they should be expanding to other states. They offer tons of healthy options for breakfast and lunch. It’s also a great spot to bring your kids (my little guy loved his special treat)!

You guessed it, my favorite menu items are the smoothies and smoothie bowls!  I love their ‘Mo Greens smoothie filled with pineapple, kale, wheatgrass, and mango.  Delicious and packed with nutrients!

If you live in Pennsylvania or are simply driving through or visiting the state, definitely seek out a Bryn + Danes.

I find smoothies easier to find during my travels than fresh-pressed juices, but I’m loving the challenge  of the hunt!  Recently, I was visiting New Haven, Connecticut and I found a vegetarian lunch spot called Claire’s Corner Copia that suited me perfectly.

There were tons of vegan and vegetarian options. Bonus points because they had gluten free items too!  I opted for the vegan curried chicken salad sandwich in a gluten free wrap with a side of kale salad and this CLEANER GREENER smoothie.

It was an easy way to get my greens in during the day and, to my delight, the straw wasn’t plastic! (If you don’t know my feelings about plastic straws, read here). The straw was biodegradable – way to go!  If you’re in the area, consider checking Claire’s Corner Copia out!

Superfoods Right to Your Door

Next, I had the privilege of trying Project Juice’s latest product:  Sub-Zero Superfoods smoothie delivery service.  Can I just say…..YUM!?  It felt like Christmas when I received the package at my doorstep.  With elated anticipation, I carefully opened my surprise box and was overjoyed to find eight colorful smoothie blends ready to go!  So awesome!

You've got to try Sub-Zero superfood smoothies!

If you haven’t heard of Project Juice, you should check them out.  They are an organic, clean food and beverage company dedicated to making superfoods easy and attainable.

They make it super easy to have all these superfoods delivered right to your door.  All you have to do is order your box of smoothies and voilá! (Their packaging keeps the smoothies nice and frozen at your doorstep, don’t worry!)

What I liked the best about the Sub-Zero Superfoods experience was that I was able to switch up my smoothie blends (long overdue for this girl).  I typically get into a rut and make the same smoothie over and over.  I am sure many of you can relate, right?

Because I’m a creature of habit, my body doesn’t get the full benefit of all the amazing superfoods out there because I just don’t make the effort to creatively combine on a weekly basis!

Subzero takes the brain work out of it for ya!  You can select which smoothie blends you desire and then they are delivered to you.  So here is how it works:

 You select which smoothie blends you want.

Once get your delivery, put smoothie cups in the freezer.

Take cups out of the freezer and toss contents into your blender.

Add your favorite nut milk or coconut water.


Yep, no measuring, no preparation work, no fuss! It’s the easiest way to make a smoothie….EVER!  You don’t need a fancy blender like a Vitamix.  Any blender will do!  I alternate between my Vitamix and my Nutri-Bullet.

I tried so many combinations that I have never made for myself before.  PARTY IN MY MOUTH!! Even my 3 year old was loving the smoothie combos.  Major score!!

Check out these combinations I DEVOURED:



subzero superfoods smoothie



Smoothie Bowl

Acaí Goji/Blueberry/Chia Seed

subzero superfoods smoothie

Kale/Cashew/Coconut/Protein (I think this was my fav)

Easy Sub-Zero Smoothie

Mint/Cacao/Banana/Chlorella (a close 2nd fav!)

subzero superfoods smoothie

If I am being 100% honest, I loved every single combination!  My body is super sensitive to caffeine, so the coffee and cacao options had me “buzzing” a bit, but if caffeine doesn’t ramp you up or you’re a regular coffee drinker, you probably won’t feel that effect.

If you’re interested in trying Sub-Zero Superfoods, go for it!  My friends at SubZero Superfoods want you to enjoy 20% OFF your subscription using the coupon code: BLENDIT.

The only con I found with this subscription box is the price.  It seems rather pricey for a smoothie.  Does it make a great gift? You bet! Does it offer convenience? Sure thing!

But if you’re someone who doesn’t mind making regular trips to the farmer’s market, storing organic frozen fruit, or buying produce every other day so that you have variety in your smoothie, than this box might not make sense for you.

HOWEVER, if you’re like me and appreciate a little variety from time to time, this might make sense for you to try!

GIFT ALERT: It also might make a great, creative, unique holiday gift for someone you love.  Give the gift of HEALTH.  Plus, who doesn’t like getting fun packages delivered, I mean really!? Bring on the superfoods!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share about my latest wellness finds. While I love smoothies all-year-round, now that it’s cold and flu season, I have extra incentive to fuel my body with superfood goodness.  I hope you do too! Give yourself the love of a smoothie!  xoxo  Happy blending!

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