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Do You Suffer From Back Pain? Get to the Root of Your Pain and Start Feeling Better!

Hello everyone! Today, I’m reviewing a book that was sent to me at just the right time. I say that because when I was offered the opportunity to read this book, I was struggling with some painful lower back discomfort. Sign from above? Perhaps! After all, there are NO coincidences in this universe. 

Understanding the Whole Person

I know I’m not alone in having back pain. Luckily, mine isn’t an every day occurrence, but it issomething I have experience with. When I was a child, my mother introduced me to my first chiropractor. I would go for regular adjustments. During my college years and young adult years, those visits became less and less. But now, in my adult life, I am back to pretty regular visits.

Now, I understand the benefits of chiropractic visits. Not only do they alleviate pain, they also balance our whole body and all its systems! I have experienced time and time again when down and out with a cold, if I go have an adjustment, the cold quickly gets better. Once my body is back in alignment, things miraculously work better! 

All that said, I still have days when my body is surely out of whack. I mostly struggle with lower back and hip pain, which then produces horrendous headaches. Usually the culprit with me is very tight, unstretched muscles. I know when I start having that pain in my lower back, it is time to start stretching my hamstrings and buttocks. STAT!

Where to Begin

Dr. Jack Stern, author of ” Ending Back Pain: 5 Powerful Steps to Diagnose, Understand, and Treat Your Ailing Back“, wrote this book to help people with back pain find a more pain-free life. He recognizes that pain is often rooted in a “constellation of physical mishaps made all the more vexing by emotional, psychological unpinnings.” 

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Dr. Stern uses a “whole person” approach to healing, which you know this Sensitive Soul absolutely loves. Instead of treating just an ailing back, he aims to get to the root of the back pain and then helps patients find ways to either live in less pain or cure their ailments. 

He explains the six anatomical sites on our bodies that often generate pain while also identifying other potential sources that people (including doctors) can easily overlook. 

Who Is Jack Stern?

Dr. Jack Stern is a board-certified surgeon who specializes in spine neurosurgery. He is also a faculty member at Weill Cornell Medical College. And get this, he used to be a back pain patient himself! (Nothing like a doctor who can empathize with fellow suffers!)

Jack Stern

In his book you’ll read about the five steps to consider while figuring out what is causing your pain and how to better your condition. I, personally, loved the diagnostic self-tests and checklists he provided to help me tune into where I feel my pain and when. With this information, I felt better equipped to share my full experience with my doctor. 

Sometimes when I go to the doctor, I can say, “I’m having lower back pain” or “I’m having horrible headaches”, but I lack the specific details that could lend themselves to a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. I go into the appointment with all the information ready to share, but when it’s time to talk, somehow I forget all that I want to say. Has this happened to you?

His book definitely helps us streamline the important details and have something tangible and concrete to share so you won’t forget!

Naturally, I also really appreciated his holistic perspective to treating back pain. As mentioned above, he believes in the “whole person” approach which considers all sorts of factors: emotional and psychological stress, diet, lifestyle and exercise, etc. Pain is usually (if ever) not caused by one solo thing. We human beings are much more complex than that!

He offers helpful exercises for alleviating back pain as well as for strengthening the muscles needed to prevent future, chronic pain. He also addresses common sleeping issues that can cause back and neck pain. For me, I think this is a piece to my puzzle I haven’t always considered. Hint: Perhaps it’s time for a better pillow!

Don’t Suffer Any Longer

So if you or someone you know suffers from back pain, look into Ending Back Pain: 5 Powerful Steps to Diagnose, Understand, and Treat Your Ailing Back. It is a great resource with lots of great information to consider! Here is to leading a joyous, pain-free life. As always, BE WELL!

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