EMF Exposure

Could EMFs Be Harming Your Health?

With all things 3G, 4G, and now 5G, I have to be honest, I’m not liking it. Have you ever stopped to wonder or even consider what these terms mean and how they might be affecting your wellbeing?

Back when I was in college and owned my first cell phone, I wasn’t nearly as connected to it as I am with today’s “smart phones”. I would leave it happily in my car’s glovebox and not think twice about it. Nowadays, the convenience of having various apps, research tools (hello Google, goodbye encyclopedia), along with FaceTime and messenger draw most of us in. But are our “smart” devices really smart for us?

Many of us have heard the term EMF in relation to our phones and devices, but that’s about it. We don’t stop to learn more or ask questions about it. Just because it helps things reach us “faster” or more conveniently doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing.

What Does EMF Even Mean?

We’ve heard that microwave ovens are dangerous for our health, right? Most of us have been told at some point in our lives to at least not stand too close to a microwave while it’s in use. Others have learned that it transforms and mutates our food making it far less healthy to consume thus taking steps to eliminate the appliance altogether.

Well, cell phones and smart devices (smart tvs, cameras, security systems, computers, tablets, etc.) all emit the same radio-frequency radiation which is a type of electromagnetic field (EMF) just like microwaves do.

Have you stopped to think about that? If not, take a moment now and process that. You’re exposing your body’s cells to radiation every time you’re using to a cell phone or smart device.

That doesn’t feel too great to read, does it?

As a highly sensitive person, I believe in this 100000000% because my body tends to feel everything. Others may not notice the dangerous effects of EMF exposure as they are happening, but later may run into damaging effects such as tumors, cancer, or system de-regulation.

Some people believe these radio waves are completely safe while others doing studies around EMF exposure do not. In my opinion, I’d rather not sit passively by and bury my head in the sand. Instead, I’d rather learn about the studies being conducted and understand why EMF exposure might be harmful. In today’s world we are being exposed to unprecedented levels of man-made EMFs, so I want to know how to eliminate the negative effects of EMFs, if at all possible .

Types of EMFs

There are two categories that EMFs can be organized into:

  1. Low Frequency EMF radiation: These include EMFs from microwave ovens, visible light, computers, Bluetooth, WiFi, cell phones, smart meters, powerlines, MRIs, etc. (The International Agency for Research on Cancer has already listed low frequency radiation as a class 2B possible carcinogen.)
  2. High Frequency EMF radiation: ultraviolet light (UV), X-Rays, and Gamma Rays.

So let’s think about it. There is already proof and evidence that exposure to high frequency radiation can produce negative results in our body. Too much time in the sun creates sunburns. X-Rays can harm growing babies in pregnant women.

Unfortunately, electronic and telecommunication companies have great financial interests that prevent consumers from learning the potential harm of their services and products. Scary, isn’t it? To me, I’d rather know the potential harms and then make personal, informed decisions. I realize when companies pump money into keeping these things hidden, things aren’t always as they seem.

Common EMF-Related Symptoms

So you might be wondering how EMFs can affect you. Well, there have been studies and research efforts collecting data from people who have tried to make sense of their “mysterious” symptoms. This all rings so clear to me since I am still putting puzzle pieces together for my own mysterious health ailments.

Our body is one big sophisticated electromagnetic system. Our nervous system and our heart, particularly, run off of electrical charge (hence why we can shock our dead heart back to life). Earth produces natural EMFs which sources much of our energy and biological rhythms.

Unfortunately, exposure to man-made EMFs can interfere with our natural electromagnetic systems. EMFs can greatly affect mitochondria (our cell’s power-source) and our body’s inflammation response.

Common symptoms of EMF exposure can include: *“hot head” (literally your head feeling hot especially when in close proximity to a phone or other device) *dizziness or vertigo *confusion * altered spatial awareness * searing pain in your ear when using a cell phone * intense pressure in your head * overwhelming fatigue that isn’t relieved by any amount of rest * burning sensations throughout the body * prickly, tingling skin * extreme sensitivity to light * constant headaches * stomach pain, gas, loose stool * high blood pressure *stiff neck * joint pain *tightness/stiffness of muscles * metallic taste in your mouth * dark circles under the eyes * deterioration of eyesight * anxiety or irritability * depression or feelings of hopelessness * pain in back of the ear * cramps in feet and legs * unexplained muscular aches and pains * tumors * adrenal fatigue * hormonal imbalances * cancer/increased risk of cancer

If you experience any of these symptoms, you might want to investigate a little further. How many EMF devices do you have around your home? Do you carry your cell phone with you frequently? Are your symptoms worse in certain environments? Does your house have a smart meter installed by your utility company? When you eliminate some of your EMF-producing devices, do your symptoms improve?

EMF Harmful Effects

Ways to Reduce Your EMF Exposure

So now that you know some of the risks that may come along with EMF exposure, I’m sure you’re wondering what you can do about it. Do I like driving by tons of cell phone towers within a few miles of each other? Not one bit.

I do realize that this reality might be here to stay (at least for right now unless people really start speaking up and demanding otherwise). For me, I try and focus on smaller efforts that I can take to reduce my EMF exposure as best as possible. You can do it too!

First, you want to limit your proximity to strong radiation sources. You definitely don’t want to find yourself living near these sources. These include: smart meters, radio stations, electrical generators, power lines, and electrified train tracks.

Around the House

Next, you want to limit your exposure within your home. While you may not be able to fully eliminate your exposure, you certainly can take steps to reduce it. This is particularly important in areas where you sleep. Take these steps to reduce your exposure:

Keep appliances and devices either OFF or on airplane mode as often as possible. If you’re carrying your phone on you all day, PLEASE put it on airplane mode until you need it.

Hardwire Internet connections instead of using WiFi (it’s called ethernet). If WiFi is absolutely necessary, only turn it on when in use and turn off the WiFi router at night.

Hardwire computer peripherals instead of using Bluetooth and wireless connections.

Keep electronic devices (tablets, cell phones, computers) away from your body. This includes using headphones to make calls instead of putting your phone directly against your head.

Minimize digital device use. In fact, take regular device detox vacations.

Filter out dirty electricity using dirty electricity filters.

Use protection shields on your devices such as the SafeSleeve for your cell phone.

Those are a few steps you should consider taking if you’re looking to reduce your exposure to low frequency EMFs around your home.

Reduce EMF Exposure

Now what happens if you’re already feeling effects from EMFs or you start to? Well, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the negative health effects. Start by…

  • Grounding: It allows our body to neutralize positive ions from electronic devices and bring our body into better balance. Get out in nature as much as possible and touch Earth’s elements with your bare skin.
  • Salt Lamps: Place salt lamps around your home if possible. I highly recommend SoWell Himalayan salt lamps. Another alternative is to stand by moving water on a regular basis due to its negative ion generation.
  • Eat a diet high in antioxidants to help mitigate oxidative stress caused by EMF exposure.

Recognize What You Can Control

You may feel a little like there is no way to “go back in time” to the simpler days of no WiFi, cell phones, etc. and I totally get that! But the reality is, you don’t have to totally give up these conveniences. Take small steps to reduce your exposure and simply be mindful of ways you can reduce their impact.

If you’re ready to take big, grand steps, then please do! The more people who take action will hopefully result in more ” safe options” in the future.

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