April Intentions

April Intentions

Hooray for April! With the spring season comes the desire for “cleaning house” or “rebirth”. To evolve, it’s important to take a good look at how you wish to grow as a person. As you will see in my intentions, these themes are very much on the forefront.

Have you written down your intentions for April yet?

If you’re new to the Sensitive Soul Blog, you will notice that I set personal intentions every month. I have seen how effective they are in guiding my actions every month. I highly recommend trying it for yourself! You can access your free April Intentions template here if you’re looking for a place to write down your intentions every month!

As my 40th birthday came and went in March, I was surprised with some unexpected emotions that surfaced on a day that I thought was going to be filled with excitement. After all, I went into my birthday with such gratitude, awe, and joy.

A Note From a Dear Friend

Little did I know, my soul had different plans that day. It wanted me to notice feelings that had been buried inside of me. I found myself teary and weepy all day! Where was this coming from?

A dear friend of mine sent me an email after reading my Sensitive Soul newsletter he received that week and inquired what emotions came up for me. (Ahhh, I love when people want to connect and support one another. xoxo) I was so thankful for his email because it really allowed me to be vulnerable and share what had happened for me.

My dear friend and fellow sensitive soul then offered me a poem by Rumi. I had never read this poem before but it described exactly what my birthday experience was for me. I will forever cherish this offering from him (you know who you are!) and I want to share it with all of you.

Rumi poem
This poem speaks to my soul. Thank you, dear friend.

As I shared in my newsletter, emotions are simply energy and messages from your soul. They are nothing to be feared or ashamed of. In fact, they are blessings.

For me, I felt like the upwelling of emotion on my birthday was blocked energy that needed to move, be attended to, and then released. That’s it!

Rumi’s poem is a reminder that all emotions are welcome. They are all teachers in their own right. We don’t always need to know their root or their cause, we simply have to treat them like we would a close friend. Greet it. Welcome it. Spend time with it. Then, thank each one.

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April Intentions

So as April approached, I knew what my soul and my heart wanted and needed. A spiritual makeover. I love my soul, but if I’m being honest, I feel like I have let past experiences cloud my happiness and my extinguish my spark. Most of these experiences contained hurt and disappointment. As a result, my soul has felt trapped and guarded.

Instinctually as I experienced these events, my thoughts (whether rational or irrational) built a wall around my soul to protect it. I can’t say I can blame myself for doing this. My soul is worth protecting! That’s how much I cherish it. But, it’s also worth offering to the world around me.

To this day, when I feel like I have been judged, misunderstood, or taken advantage of, I am quick to feel a great sense of injustice. My metaphorical walls distance me from other humans who I perceive might cause harm. But the reality is, the walls don’t serve me well.

Instead, the walls encourage a sense of mistrust in others, which ultimately leads to separateness. Separateness simply doesn’t align with my true soul. My true soul loves helping others, connecting, and encouraging people to feel good. My true soul sees the good in all beings.

Now it’s time to examine the coping mechanisms I somehow created for myself and determine whether they are elevating me to my highest self or keeping me down. I already know the answer to that…

Don’t Fear the Work, DO the Work

I know where my intentions need to focus: on my internal dialogues, how I approach perceived threats, and how to rediscover who I am. I know who I am, but how my soul feels currently is not in alignment with what I know to be true of myself.

I know that a spiritual makeover will take more than the month of April. Trust me, I know. But I do believe that by setting my intentions to do the work, changes will ensue little by little. Simply put, I just feel out of soulful alignment these days.

April intentions

Always Turn Inward

So how will I go about this, you might ask? Well…per usual, meditation will be a key component. I plan to meditate regularly while doing some guided writing. This helps me tune into my souls’ needs.

I am also reading a book (to be announced in my monthly book review post coming soon) that has already spoken to me on some profound levels. This book has been helping me look at my thoughts with a new perspective. Once I challenge those thoughts, I can reprogram my languaging and take different action.

Once my soul is in better alignment, I think I will see a lot of positive effects in my life. I’m really excited about it!

The Definition of Insanity

In the wise words of Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

So let me ask you, are you wanting to change an aspect of yourself or your life? If so, write down your intentions today. What do you want for yourself this month? What action steps are you going to take to achieve that vision?

If you don’t change things up, they will remain the same. Be brave. Be vulnerable. Give yourself the chance to evolve into your highest self.

Let’s do this! Share with me about your month’s intentions. I want to know what you want for yourself and where you’re headed! If you need inspiration, check out my past intentions in the post archives.

In the meantime, happy intention setting!

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