A Month of Self-Love

A Month of Self-Love

February is quickly coming to an end and I am feeling very positive about the way I spent the month. Why you might ask? I set out to do each of my February intentions and I accomplished everything I wanted to.

Intention setting really does work! If you’re not already doing it monthly, I highly recommend it!

February in Review

So let’s review how this month played out. As I promised you, February would be a month of self-love. I practiced self-care each and every day, but no day looked the same.

Everything from epsom salt baths, exercise, fresh juices, intuitive eating, prayer, meditation, dry brushing, making time to read, soaking in some sunshine (hello Vitamin D!), and buying new palo santo and a crystal rounded out some of my self-care practices.

Let’s break it down a little further so you get a good idea of what self-love and self-care look like for me. While self-care can look different for everyone, I hope my practices can inspire you to take better care of yourself!

Self-Care Practices

A one month self love experiment

1. Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom salt baths were a must for me this month. My muscles were definitely adjusting to more rigorous exercise (which hasn’t happened in over 1/2 a year!), so they needed some TLC. Plunging into a warm epsom salt bath was the perfect solution to relax my body, unwind, and simply be.

2. Exercise

Exercise was a new addition this month for me. Finally, after months of recovering from my breast explant surgery, I felt like I could reintroduce exercise into my daily routine.

Sure, I have been moving my body every day for the past month, but very lightly. This month however? This girl ran 3 miles the other day and worked out at a gym all in the same day! (Hallelujah, I’m making a come back!)

Exercise is such a natural mood enhancer, too! The other day I woke up feeling pretty grumpy after a poor night’s sleep, and I knew that if I wanted to save my day from my poor attitude, I needed to exercise and STAT! Sure enough, after working out, I was feeling pretty darn good. Day.Was.Saved.

3. Juicing

Fresh juices have been a regular part of my self-care routine for quite some time as many of you know. I’m very passionate about the benefits of juicing. They are gentle on my digestive system and they allow my body to absorb the amazing nutrients for a quick energy boost!

4. Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating has been a big part of this month for me. I have allowed myself to listen to my body’s needs, and sometimes, that meant I’d eat a little meat (gasp!).

I’m also testing the waters, so to speak, on how my body reacts to certain foods that I had to give up (meat, dairy, gluten, etc.) when my digestive system went haywire years back.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe veggies and fruits should make up the majority of my meals, but so far, my body seems to have handled my “experiments” much better than pre-explant days.

Just giving myself grace and permission to try out these foods is a huge act of self-love. I am trying not to be so rigid about my choices unless I absolutely need to be.

5. Prayer

Another self-care practice that I can safely say is a part of every day is prayer. I find such peace in prayer. I’ve always prayed to my creator and to my angels, but more recently after reading Anthony William’s book, I am praying to particular angels. It has brought me so much peace and grounding.

6. Meditation

Of course, I have been meditating. This self-care practice seems to have the most noticeable, immediate effect on me. Ten minutes of meditation is all it takes for me to discharge unwanted energy and recharge to feel anew.

I love my meditation pillow because it helps me maintain good posture, which also makes the practice so enjoyable. Ten minutes always goes by way too quickly and sometimes I extend my time because it just feels so darn good!

7. Dry Brushing

Before showering a few times each week, I dry brush my skin to stimulate and nourish my lymphatic system and to dispose of any old skin cells. As I dry brush, I imagine that I am brushing off any negative emotions or energies that no longer serve me. So far, it seems to work!

8. Reading

I’ve been on a roll with reading. If you haven’t checked out my recent post reviewing the Netflix documentary, Heal, please do!

While I thought watching the movie would take the place of reading this month, I was delighted to find that I was able to finish The Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic Illness and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal and start a new book on being an Empowered Highly Sensitive Person. (I will share my thoughts on this book in a future post)

9. Sunshine

Most humans are low on Vitamin D, so I made sure to soak in some sunshine (while lathered with non-toxic sunblock of course) during my week in Florida. Sunshine really is one of nature’s ultimate healers in my opinion. Want a natural mood booster? Get some sun (safely)!

Soaking in the sun

10. Cleansing Tools

Finally, I made a trip to my crystal shop and bought a new stick of palo santo to cleanse my space and I purchased a new crystal! Yay! Bring on the clean, negative-free vibes!

The Effects of Self-Care

All in all, it was a great month. Honoring myself and making time to show myself love each and every day has had a really great impact on my wellbeing.

My energy is returning, which is such a welcomed experience after over a year of chronic fatigue. It feels so freaking good taking care of myself. I cannot recommend it enough.

Remember Your WHY

Even though I found myself having to overcome and push through feelings of guilt from time to time when I chose self-care over family time, I know I made the right choice to take care of myself.

As I felt those guilty feelings arise, I had to really stare them down and go back to WHY I wanted to choose self-care above all else.

The bottom line is, my health is paramount. Choosing me actually is the best choice for everyone. If I am healthy and happy, I can give my very best to everyone around me. I can radiate positivity. Perhaps, I can inspire others to love themselves just as much too.

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