A Fond Farewell

Hi Everyone, I know it has been ages since my last post. This blog has been on my mind weekly, but the truth is, I simply haven’t had enough time to devote my time and energy toward it which saddens me to say. I love this blog, I love my readers. So where has my time gone?

Well, for starters, last year I started my counseling practice and for anyone who has started a business, you know it requires a lot of time, work, and energy. I thought having the luxury of working from home during the pandemic would afford me extra time to pour into The Sensitive Soul blog, but I experienced the opposite effect. Every day was packed with work, parenting, spousing, housework, and healing. My writing had to take a back seat.

So let me catch you up on what has been going on in my life as far as work, new developments, and my healing. Work has been wonderful. As I started my counseling practice after being a stay-at-home mom for the past five years, I was really wondering whether I would connect with my career again. Would I still enjoy counseling (I was a school counselor for ten years before deciding to stay at home with my baby) or would I realize that I had moved on from that part of my life? Would I be well enough to give myself to this new endeavor?

Well, not too long into seeing clients, my counseling passion came back with gusto. I felt fulfilled, energized, and curious once again. One of the best parts of being a therapist is staying curious and igniting that curiosity in those I work with. I’m not sure I realized how much I needed this stimulation, but it sure has felt great getting back to it! Every day, I find my work enjoyable which I feel so lucky to get to say. So yeah, the work thing is going great! More on this a little later on…

Welcome to the Family

Then, as you may remember in last year’s vision board that I created, I desperately wanted to manifest a dog into my family’s life. Not just any dog. A Bernese Mountain Dog. I have never had this breed of dog before, but there was something that attracted me to this big, yet gentle, breed for a long time. So, I put it on my vision board – why not, right? Then, the day after Halloween 2020, my very own Bernese Mountain Dog joined our family. Welcome, Aspen.

vision board
My 2020 Vision Board

Aspen is turning into a great dog. She’s 8 months old, 76 pounds, and a whole lot of love. As a smaller puppy, she certainly brought her fair share of mischief, sharp puppy bites, and stress but I’m starting to see why I love her so much. She really does have a sweetness about her that I know will continue to develop and grow as she matures.

Bernese Mountain Dog

So yeah, I’m a fan of manifesting.

The Long Journey

But what I’m really guessing you’re wanting to know is, how am I healing? Am I feeling any better? Afterall, this blog was born from my struggle to figure out why my body suddenly started failing me. But now I question, was it failing me or was it teaching me?

I’m beyond thrilled to share that I am in a MUCH better space now than I was even at the end of last summer (2020). I was quickly losing hope that I would ever feel better, that I would ever have a day without constant pain, fatigue, and fear. I really didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I spent countless days crying, praying, researching, and doubting that my situation would ever get back to what I perceived as “normal”.

Here’s Your Sign

Then one day happened that I will never forget. I was laying in my bed crying, I mean sobbing, because I was in so much pain feeling desperate for answers. I prayed aloud and asked if I should contact a Lyme Literate MD in my area. I was desperate for guidance. Then, I rolled over and a ladybug was crawling up my window pane. Ladybugs, you see, have been my ‘sign’ ever since my grandmother passed away years ago and I saw a ladybug on my bedroom ceiling. There was something about that ladybug that instantly made my think that my Grammie was with me. So since then, ladybugs bring me a sense of peace and comfort.

When I saw the ladybug crawling up my window immediately after my prayer, I knew I needed to reach out to this doctor. I was at my wits end. I had seen countless doctors and specialists without any concrete answers to explain why my body was riddled with pain, fatigue, headaches, tingling, bloating, etc.

Well, long story short, she believed that I had symptoms of chronic Lyme Disease as well as mold toxicity. Tests confirmed extremely high levels of mold in my body, but my Lyme tests all came back negative (which isn’t uncommon in the world of Lyme). She also detected pretty bad gut infections going on. So, she put me on a high dose of antibiotics for several months and also prescribed numerous herbal treatments to target the Lyme and mold.

After several months of intense Herx reactions, I finally started noticing some improvements. My energy started resurfacing, I no longer needed midday naps. Then, my tingling disappeared and my joint aches and pains started becoming less severe. My air hunger disappeared. Over time, the improvement that I felt within myself was hope forming. I could get better! I was playing outside again with my son, able to run without feeling like I was going to faint or have a heart attack. Nothing made my heart happier than being able to show up as the mom I always knew I was inside.

So here I am today, proud to say that I am healing. I’m not totally out of the woods yet, but I notice and thank God for every improvement. This has been a three year journey and I am just now starting to see the light. I have learned a very valuable lesson that I hope as you read this you will learn too. Your health is important. Prayer is important. Personalizing your healing journey to what feels right for you, is important.

Never Give Up

I know I still have a lot to learn, a lot more to experience, and strides to make, but I choose to be grateful for what I have now. I have a new appreciation for health that I most certainly didn’t have before this journey. A new sense of pride in myself has emerged that despite my lowest of lows, I was able to weather them. Now, when I have debilitating headaches, as tough as it is, I try to remember that I will get through them. I have gotten through so much.

So all of this has lead me to this point. I have loved writing the Sensitive Soul blog and sharing my journey with all of you. Along the way, I have found some wonderful resources, healing therapies, and wellness hacks that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning alongside of me and hopefully some of what I have shared has inspired you to care for your health in a gentle, holistic way.

What’s Next?

You’re probably thinking, “This sounds like a goodbye.” Well, friends, it is. Sort of.

I have decided that because I can’t devote the time I believe this blog needs and deserves right now, it’s best for me to hang up the blog. I say those words with a feeling of resistance and sadness because this blog has meant a lot to me. Perhaps it will return in the future, but let me tell you where I am headed…

As you know, I love to write. I feel passionate about helping others and I am thrilled to be counseling those who are ready to discover more about themselves. So, I will be adding a blog with a spiritual and mental health focus to my counseling practice. I’d love for you to follow me if you feel called to do so. You can find me at Stay tuned, you’ll find my blog there in a few months.

Thank You. No Really, Thank You.

With gratitude and hope, I say farewell and THANK YOU for your support, your following, and your friendship. Sending positive vibes to each of you and may you continue to take care of yourself in a gentle, caring way. Be well.

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