The Worst Doctor’s Visit EVER!

Hello friends!  Happy October to all of you. I know many of you have expressed wanting to see my October intentions and book choice. They’re on their way!

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But first, I have a lot to update you on as far as my health, so let’s dive in!

The Worst Doctor’s Visit EVER!

Lately, I have had more better days than worse days, so I’m pretty confident my supplement regime and sauna treatments are helping my body release toxins and reduce some of the systemic inflammation.

While I’m not 100% symptom free, I do notice a disappearance of some of the symptoms and a less intense version of the other symptoms.  I am looking forward to the day when they are all gone and I know that day will come.

So, as you read in my last health update post (you can read it here) I was scheduled to see a neurologist as well as a plastic surgeon to consult about my medical concerns.  Well, the neurologist experience was HORRENDOUS with a capital H.

I haven’t felt so angry about a medical experience in perhaps my entire life, despite my lack of confidence in the conventional medical field.

Sorry if you’re a medical professional reading this, my hope is that you’re compassionate, patient, and willing to explore ‘out of the ordinary’ explanations.  I know there are practitioners who ARE amazing, I just haven’t had many of those experiences recently.

So, here I am prepared for this visit with the sole purpose of ruling out that anything in my head or brain is causing my symptoms.  I brought a written list of all of my symptoms thinking this would help him understand just how complex my experience has been over this past year.

He took the list and didn’t give it another thought.  All he asked about were my headaches (no mention of my dizziness, ringing and fluttering in my ears, ocular disturbances, tingling in my limbs, etc.).

Even when it came to my headaches, he didn’t ask a single follow up question other than, “Where do you get your headaches and what triggers them?” Well doc, if I knew what triggered them, do you think I’d be here?!  Sheesh.

I was waiting for him to ask about the frequency of the headaches, duration, severity, etc.  NOTHING. So, I felt compelled to just spew out that information for him, just in case it mattered in the slightest way. Then I asked, “What causes migraines?” His answer was, “If any of us knew the answer to that, we’d be millionaires.” Yep folks, that’s what I got.  (Face in palm)

A Difference of Opinion

But wait, it gets worse. On my intake form, I listed all of the supplements I was taking.  As soon as I mentioned that I was working with a functional medicine doctor, he visibly rolled his eyes and told me that he’d “address that later”. Then, after telling him that I also saw a Lyme Literate doctor (LLMD), he couldn’t hold himself back.

He quickly jumped on that saying, “There is no such thing as a doctor who specializes in Lyme disease.  Yes, Lyme exists, my family members had it, but no doctor specializes in it.”

I felt an intense desire to combat his misinformation.  So I did! I explained my doctor’s degrees, her specialized studies at Columbia University in their Lyme disease research lab, her publication history on Lyme Disease and co-infections in renowned publications, her long history of testing and diagnosing lyme, and so on.

He shrugged his shoulders and then shifted his focus back to functional medicine. Guess he didn’t want to fight that battle with me.

At this point he said, “I just want to caution you that functional medicine is a bunch of smoke and mirrors and I don’t want you to waste your money.” He then went on to say that their (functional med docs) labs aren’t credible labs and that unless I got lab work through Quest or LabCorp, it wasn’t good.

My chest was getting tighter and tighter by the moment because his arrogance and insensitive attitude was reinforcing my ever-present disappointment in conventional medicine.

Of course, I understand that not everyone subscribes to holistic healing and alternative medicine approaches, but at least have compassion and an open mind!!

Doctors Need to be Compassionate

He then went on to say that having a parasite like giardia, which I was diagnosed with, couldn’t possibly be part of my symptoms and if I truly thought I had a parasite, I should be seeing an infectious disease doctor, not a functional medicine doctor.  Oh. My. God.

I kept trying to tell myself to stay calm and to respect that he has a different view than I do and that is okay.  I also internally made note that clearly his ego was being triggered.

Ultimately, I ended up saying to him, “I respect our different view points and I will consider what you have said.” With that and after a quick physical exam, he agreed to schedule an MRI to rule out anything happening. “Good grief, get me out of here,” I thought to myself. Thanks, but no thanks mister!

Feeling blessed, my MRI came back completely normal as I expected it would.  So at least that takes away the worry that something in my brain is going awry.

The only additional thing the neurologist could offer me was a prescription for migraine medicine. Yep, another doctor throwing medicine around without supplying an answer for what was CAUSING the issue.

So yet another test results coming back completely “normal” with no explanation for why my symptoms are so prevalent.

My next post will talk about my second consultation – the breast implant surgeon.  Be sure to subscribe so you stay up to date on all of my posts. This next one is the most interesting consultation of them all!  Happy October everyone!

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